Three's a crowd

posted on: April 6, 2011

not a big girl

I'll be out of town until Monday with limited access to email.
If you need a faster response, please call me: 888-678-2663.
For information about Wedding Photography, please visit
For information about Workshops, please visit

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  1. I love this... :)

    Did you ever pick the 20 businesses or did I miss that?

  2. The group was picked and is rolling, but perhaps you missed the email announcing it? I have something else cool happening too that I'll share. ;-)

  3. Well, I got the initial email and replied, but never heard anything after that (guess Im not cool enough - ha ha)... oh well... I guess Ill have to look forward to the next big thing... :)

  4. jaime1:02 PM

    I love this shot!


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