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posted on: December 3, 2010

Facebook has become such a strong platform now that I often have to ask myself, should I put this on my blog or on facebook first? Lately, the answer has been facebook. I'm sorry people, but resistance is futile. Facebook is where my clients are, it's where future referrals are, it's where my family and friends are, and it's much more interactive and engaging than waiting by the inbox wishin' and hopin' for a blog comment. This doesn't mean I'm giving up my blog - it's still completely relevant and useful for things like google-ability, but for right now, if you'd like to see the freshest stuff from me, head on over to facebook where you can find things like:

On my Anne Ruthmann Photography page:

An invitation to my Free Holiday Photo Booth this weekend and next:
Free Holiday Photo Booth Event on Facebook

Some wedding photos from Nancy & Mike's Jamestown, RI wedding:
Facebook Captures

An awesomely awkward family photo for a holiday card:
Facebook Captures

On my personal Anne Ruthmann facebook page, you can find my twitter feed even if you don't "twitter":
Facebook Captures

Just a note so you don't feel bad: I may not friend you right away on my personal page (I have a list of over 400 friend requests I need to sort through), but you can still become a fan at any time on the Anne Ruthmann Photography facebook page!

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  1. I've been thinking about this a LOT lately. Is the blog dead? People are MUCH more likely to comment on my facebook page (ooo! just noticed Lisa Loeb on your album quilt... YES! love that album!). I get more questions on facebook, more views... I recently got rid of my flash website because people just don't want to wait for a slideshow and all that (especially since I use Pictage now, ordering was the feature mainly used on my site and it's not anymore)-- my blog was getting way more hits, so I converted that to a site/blog and maybe my facebook will serve the same purpose my blog used to?

    And I may just have to (gasp) tweet. Ugh.


  2. I thought I'd give your blog some comment love (instead of just posting it on your note on facebook). I totally agree! Facebook is an amazing tool for photographers to connect with their clients & future clients!
    I think using the blog to easily add content to facebook (through importing your blog feed into notes) is great and I always make sure to add a few images from a blog post for a client to facebook.
    I have thought about doing a blog site instead of a website...I'd love to hear your thoughts on this Anne :)

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