I'm So Blessed.

posted on: February 12, 2009

I miss you guys!! This year has already been non-stop with amazing things happening left and right! Since I last blogged, I've had meetings and big projects filling up every free moment in between the time I wake up and go to bed! I feel bad that I haven't had time to share them all with you, but it's all been happening so quickly that I can barely keep up with it myself!! I still want to do a year end review and set goals for this year and I still have tons of weddings and other work to blog about!! Can I put the world on pause please so I can catch up with everyone?!

Here's a super short sampling of what's been happening in my life lately, for the slightly more extended play by play, check out my twitter feed:

... and that doesn't include just the everyday stuff of trying to keep up with clients and vendors around the world on various time zones, taking care of computer/billing/communication problems that arise, being airport transportation for my frequent flyer family, being my own secretary and editor, being a good pet parent to my dog, and being a caring sister/wife/daughter/friend. Phew!! Did you get tired reading all of that?! I know I'm tired just after writing it all out... and I have to get on a plane in few hours!

Please note: I will be at the annual Wedding & Portrait Photographers International Tradeshow & Conference until February 19th - so please forgive me if I have a difficult time returning phone calls or emails- my schedule is pretty packed while I'm there! I'm doing my best to manage it all right now, and look forward to having a MUCH more manageable workload after WPPI is over!! Every one else's deadlines have been so crammed into the first 6 weeks of this year that I've barely had time to breathe. I sincerely appreciate your understanding!!

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  1. a packed scheduled anne! that is awesome. you are so deserving. make sure you schedule some "ME" time in there - gotta recharge those batteries at some point :)

    enjoy WPPI!

  2. I'm so so so proud of you Anne!

  3. jamie8:29 AM

    holy cats, lady!!! I feel like I'm not nearly in the same league as you, and can't believe I get to know you and call you one of my friends! wow! my last major career accomplishment was reading an entire issue of a professional publication, and I'm not sure my community even knows I exist. You roxor & deserve major kudos for being so inspirational as well!

  4. welcome back to anneruthmann.blogspot.com
    I just saw you shaking your @$$ in the mystic 4 vid.


  5. Anonymous12:36 PM

    HAHAHAHA!! I had 3 shoots in 4 days and my computer crashed. Top that off with parenting duties and volunteer duties I thought I was going to implode. However, after reading your list I am rethinking how busy I really was! ;)

    I hope you find some time to sit back, put your feet up and REST! :)

  6. Anonymous11:06 PM

    Anne, you amaze me. (and why the heck were you writing this at 3:20 AM you crazy girl!) get some sleep! Thank you for being an inspiration to us!

  7. GIRL .... when do you eat and sleep? ;-)

    Congrats on the bride's choice .... and jazzzed to see you are again being awesome w/ Greener Photography!

  8. Anne, YOU ARE A SUPERWOMAN! You are!!! :)

  9. damn girl! you have been busy!!! can't wait to catch up on all your projects :) I hear ya. The end of the year came and went and I'm still trying to get my year end posts up too :) Have fun in Vegas!

  10. I am the friend that will keep telling you to slow down but that is just not your style! :) Hope you are well and I see you soon! Have fun in Veags...not too much! :)


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