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posted on: January 12, 2009

"Anne, why aren't you blogging?!" I cringe every time I hear that question right now because I would LOVE to be blogging, but the fact is that I have more work than time- and if I have to choose between preparing images for a client or a publisher or updating my blog for my blog stalkers, than I'm going to take care of getting images to the clients who have paid me and to the publishers who are graciously honoring my work in their publications. If you would like me to start blogging again, please help me find people who want to learn what it's like behind-the-scenes as a working photographer!! My business has been growing EXPONENTIALLY and this would be a very exciting time for someone who wants to learn what it's like to run a wedding photography business!

Why Lie, It's For Beer

So many people think that taking wedding photos is such a glamorous job - as if we just show up and than the job is done, and that's sooooo not the case!! A LOT goes into making images gorgeous AFTER they've been captured and I'm happy to help someone learn that, as long as they are willing to commit to giving me 5-10 hours a week for 6 months, for free. I would essentially be training someone to produce high quality imagery both behind the scenes and in-camera- since it all starts with a deep understanding of light, composition, framing, and technical knowledge. If I get an intern who is so awesome that I can't imagine my life without them, than I may hire them to continue working for me after the internship is over. If you need an internship for college credits, I'm happy to work with your teacher to provide the necessary documentation to count this as your internship.

Here are the behind-the-scenes skills that you'lll be learning on the job, in real life situations:
  • Image editing: learning the how, what, and why of editing down to the best work possible
  • Color correction: learning how to see colors, evaluate light and shadow balance, and bring out the best in an image
  • Data management: protecting and managing data with multiple back-up storage systems as well as system management
  • Products & Albums: the ins and outs of choosing products, designing albums, and selling products
  • Promotion: preparing images for multiple social media sites, copyright, learning the dos and don'ts of social media
  • Camera Technique: why and when of lens choices, camera modes, as well as lighting on and off camera

Interested? Know of someone who can make a 6 month commitment for 5-10 hours per week? If they can make their way to Lowell, MA 1-2 days a week (5 hours per day) and don't mind working from my home office with my dangerously cute teacup poodle and my too-brilliant-for-his-own-good-husband, please share this post with them and have them contact me by phone to set up an in-person meeting: 888-678-ANNE. Note: I will NOT answer email requests for internships, you must have the physical ability to call my voicemail and leave a message!

I'll be conducting all interviews January 24-30th. I have 10 hours a week (2 days a week for 5 hours per day) to give to either 1 intern, or I can split the 10 hours between 2 interns. The most important thing to me is that you're a person who is genuinely interested in learning about photography and that you like being helpful wherever there's a need. There are extra perks to the job, which will be a lovely surprise for whoever ends up being a good fit, but first and foremost I need people who are willing to put in some good work in exchange for valuable knowledge and experience!

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  1. Oh,oh, oh. I am so jealous; would you consider a very eager, VERY WILLING subject who can commute by jet from San Francisco for 20 hours a week? Maybe? Possibly?!

    Oh, horrible reality. Well, good luck finding an intern - have fun meeting all of those budding photographers!

  2. Someone is about to have all of their dreams come true! I wish it was me, but this Canadian girl lives just a little too far away. Bummer.

    I hope you find the perfect fit for you! Lucky intern!

  3. Kim Kelley7:52 AM

    You're killin me! If only you would have stayed in Indiana.

  4. If it wasn't more than an hour to get from where I am in NJ to Boston, I'd be fighting for that spot!!!!!! =) Good luck choosing, though!!

  5. OH good luck Anne!
    I'm with the previous commenters...I would LOVE to do it.
    Ok that's it I'm moving. ;)

  6. Jalene Smith9:11 AM

    Why did you leave Indiana?! This would be a dream come true!!!

  7. If you were still in Indiana, I'd probably leave my government job for this opportunity. Someone is going to be very, very lucky to fill this position!!

  8. Good luck finding the perfect intern! And congratulations to that lucky person.

  9. oh. so. jealous.

    wish i were in boston.

    best of luck finding the right person. :)

  10. Anonymous2:08 PM

    Well here's a case of "the right place at right time"... or in my case, the wrong place. ;)

    Obviously if you ever need an intern in Washington State I'm available... and I even have a land line to call you from!!

    :) Congrats to whoever that person is.

  11. Oh if only I didn't have two kids and a crazy long to do list myself...your pup is adorable and I'm sure would make the 10 hours fly by!!!

  12. Haha, if you ever need an intern in Chile, I'm your girl! :)

    Anne, in all serious you would be the first person on my list of people to work with if at all possible. You are an amazing photographer, and seriously probably one of the nicest people out there!

  13. I see I am not alone - Oh how I wish I lived near you to take advantage of this opportunity - but from California, it's a bit of a commute. But if you ever need an ONLINE intern - LOL

  14. Anonymous9:34 PM

    OMG. Anne Ruthmann. You. Are. Killing. Me. If I were ANYWHERE close to you, I'd drive an hour each way just to do it for six months. Dang. I'm so completely jealous.

  15. This is when I wish I living was in a country with a little more going on like America. I have been searching for an opportunity like this. I got a Canon 350D for xmas and need to learn how to use it properly.I am passionate about photography but there are no pro courses here and this internship would have been perfect. Unfortunately I live on a small Greek Island so that rules me out.

  16. I so wish I lived closer to you! This is a most awesome opportunity for the person who lands this job. Anne, you are always finding time to help others. Besides your work being utterly amazing, I admire your need to show others the ins and outs. You rock!!

  17. Anne I think who ever has this golden opportunity to work and learn from you should think themselves very lucky indeed!

  18. I am with most of the commenters here in that YOU'RE killin ME! If only you were still in Michigan! ARRRRRRGH!!!I would KILL for this!!!! **walking away sadly**

    Good luck to the lucky person!

  19. Know of any photographers like you that want the same thing here in Utah? What an opportunity! Your intern should really be paying you!

  20. Hee hee...I so wish I wasn't in Winnipeg, MB...I would love to work with you everyday! Even though I don't really have any experience ;) lol! Although you have inpsired me to take a photography course this fall! Hope all is well.
    ~Jenn Sykes

  21. Anne, did you post photos of that wedding somewhere else on your blog? I would LOVE to see more pictures of that bride's dress!

  22. Oh, Anne, if only you would move to South Africa, I would 100% be your gopher, lackey and bootlicker in exchange for such an awesome opportunity... :-( The one who gets it is incredibly lucky!

  23. Well Anne. You certainly have a wonderful smattering of places to potentially move to in the future, knowing full well that eager employees await you :) Good luck with this!

  24. first off that picture made me lol! good luck on finding the perfect fit!!

  25. Well, I only have 3 months to offer (my summer) and I am currently studying abroad in Siena, Italy - so can't exactly make that call. But I *am* from Western Massachusetts and could commute! Let me know if you are still

  26. Wow, I would have loved experiencing first hand to be shooting pics and doing all that you say, Ann. It's too bad I live too far from you, I'd take you on any time, I just love your work so much! And, yes, I noticed you blogged very little and wondered why, but gotta make happy clients, no doubt.
    Happy Valentine's from Cabo!
    marTin Zuckermann


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