RSS Reader vs. Bookmarks?

posted on: October 23, 2008


Here are the results of the poll after one hour of being online, and then after four days of being online....

The benefit of an RSS feed over bookmarks is that you get told when new information is available on your favorite blog, rather than checking in only to find that it hasn't been updated. So, it helps save you time, and it also helps you follow more blogs all at once because you're really only seeing the ones that are being updated. There's a little subscribe button on the side of my blog that helps you get my blog in a variety of feed-readers. A lot of people like the Google Reader, because they already use Google on a regular basis. I like Bloglines because it allows me to keep various folders and share my RSS feed with others.

Here's a video description of what RSS feed readers can do for you...

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  1. I use Google Reader and it is FAB!

  2. I manage my feeds directly through my browser. I use Flock: The Social Web Browser, which also makes it super easy to follow media feeds (youtube, flickr), people feeds (facebook, myspace, twitter), and all kinds of other great "social web" features. HIGHLY recommended browser!

  3. igoogle! Love it, easy to keep up with all my favorite blogs.

  4. I'm afraid an RSS feed will perpetuate my obsession of blogs....

  5. jamie8:48 AM

    i only have an rss feed for npr news stories... i feel so much less interesting than your other commentors!
    why the poll, anyway?

  6. I'm subbed to you via Google Reader. :-) Wedding photography blogs are my guilty pleasure even tho I've been married for 2 years already. However, I have narrowed the list down from several dozen to just a handful (like 4), yours included. Big fan here, clearly!

    Btw, thanks for the comment on my Political Cartoons post. I'm glad you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it up. Haha.

  7. thanks for this post. i'm a photographer from nc (friends with/work with your roomie april--she tipped me off to your work) i was one of those bookmark responders, and have just set up google to check the feeds for me. love it. i never really understood what that was all about before, so thank you. i also set up the quick "subscribe" thing on my blog--for now--i'll upgrade it later.
    thank you thank you.

  8. I use My Yahoo as my browser home page, which is really cool.

    Don't you just love those videos ? :-)


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