Featured in Better Homes & Gardens!

posted on: October 31, 2008

Better Homes & Gardens Real Wedding Feature

Congratulations to Jessica & Ben who had their Organic Creamery/Farm Wedding featured on the Better Homes & Garden's Real Weddings!! Check out the article and see all of the unique touches that this couple included in their Jewish ceremony and relaxed reception...

To all of the couples out there who are itching to be featured in a magazine... here's what magazine editors are looking for:
- Beautiful, clean photography that's not overly photoshopped with great lighting, composition, and attention to detail (ie. get a great photographer and your wedding will look fantastic no matter what!)
- UNIQUE details! If you've seen it before, they've probably seen it before a hundred times! For unique florals or decor- let your florist go wild with their imagination! Give them a color palette or just a few words to describe your personal style and let them interpret it as they see fit! Give your vendors creative freedom and they will create beautiful work for you!
- Different locations! At this point, the magazines have pretty much published all of the "normal" wedding venues. They're craving a different spin on the wedding day- so think outside of the "box" like Jessica & Ben did! Choose a place you love, that says something about who you are as a couple. You'd be pretty surprised at the places you can have a wedding these days!

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    Your stuff is amazing. We've been following you from the beginning, and are so happy to see you go so far!

    the uberBrides Team

  2. I am so proud of you!!! I just looked at the spread AND just received my Wedding photos in the mail from ... you!

  3. Congratulations,Anne. It's great to see your work featured like that!

  4. saaaaaaaaaaweet, Anne! How very exciting!

    I toatlly *adore* BH&G!

  5. Great suggestions on getting published, Anne. Well thought out advice, and I hope all of our brides take it into consideration!

  6. Congrats Anne!!!!! You are one of my very favorite wedding photographers. This honor is well deserved.

  7. That's exciting!! Congrats!

    I agree-- they want clean photos of unique details. I hope that I can get more and more weddings like that!

  8. wowee, anne! that's wonderful! Gorgeous work as always. I'm so excited for you.

  9. Congrats! That is seriously awesome! :) Great shots and great work. You rock!

  10. Congratulations for being featured in the Magazine, your work has always been an inspiration to me....


  11. Congratulations! That's awesome. You work is great. We are pratically neighbors:-)


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