Shannon & Kayu Engagement

posted on: July 11, 2008


What do you do when the bride lives in Montana, the groom lives in Texas, and the photographer lives in Indiana?? Have the engagement session in Michigan, of course!! Rain or shine, this engagement session was going to happen, because getting all of the stars aligned again wouldn't be likely until the wedding day!



Can we please take a moment to dwell on how fabulous Shannon's shoes are?! Seriously!

Native Michiganders will recognize the scenery as the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor where Shannon and Kayu met and fell in love... at Skeepers. HA! OK, not entirely at Scorekeepers, but it makes for a good story. ;-) How serendipitous that we would find a heart chalked onto the side of a pillar in the law quad...



The whole time we were shooting outside, we could see that there were storm clouds taunting us, so we decided to head inside the law library only seconds before a torrential downpour began!! The window that you see here is not textured, that's just massive amounts of rain pouring down at once!

The library has some cool/weird architectural elements to it, so I had fun playing with lines and angles inside while it continued to pour outside.



Part of the building was under construction without any air conditioning either, so things got REALLY hot between the scaffolding..


Once the storm seemed to pass, we headed back out to a different part of campus to explore some different scenery...

I call these moguls, but I think it's really a piece of landscape art called sine hills- based on sine waves? In any case... looks pretty cool, huh?! What a great place to study... or make-out... you know, whatever college is about for you. ;-)


We were sad to see that they turned the fountain off after the storm, but that didn't stop us from getting in and having a little fun anyway!!!

If you look at the negative space between their arms and the reflection of their arms, it kinda looks like an "N"- which is Kayu's last initial... or it just looks like nothing. ;-)

One of the things that Shannon & Kayu had mentioned about their relationship was how they're pretty competitive with each other, so even though it didn't really show itself until the VERY end, I knew that I could go home happy after I captured the picture below... LOVE IT!!!!

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  1. Very sweet e-session, Anne(even if it was as Michigan!)!!! Hope all is well with you and Alex:)

  2. Caroline Ghetes12:03 AM

    I love the second photo, REALLY loved the shot with the rain behind them (good eye there), and I thought the pictures with the tall grass and wildflowers in the foreground and the really green rolling grass were magical! Oh and her shoes are for sure fabulous. Excellent photos! You are awesome!

  3. Aww, I love every shot. The skin tones are SO perfect. Do you use a grey card?

  4. Great session Anne!! Too many favs to name :)

    We're going to miss you around here, for once I am jealous of Boston.

  5. anne, the second, and second to last photos, are just amazing. I totally see the N, fabulous!

  6. I am just in awe of your work!

  7. Absolutely amazing images. I love how you constantly think outside the box. Great as always!!!

  8. These are really gorgeous images Anne. And I love the variety. I am not sure how you achieved your colors but the spectrum is fantastic with really accurate skin tone. BEAUTIFUL!

    And I spent 15 years in MI - GO GREAT LAKES!

  9. LOVE the water shots. the mood is awesome!

  10. Sarah Brittain3:33 PM

    I actually *didn't* recognize the scenery until you pointed it out. Just goes to show how good you are at capturing things the rest of us don't necessarily see! (Can you tell how excited I am that you're doing our wedding? :)

    That wave field is where I realized I was in love for the first time! aww! And really, skeepers? because that is totally awesome!

  11. I'm jealous of all the super hot people you shoot because all your photographs are such an inspiration.

    Yup, you are pretty much awesome.

  12. Anonymous11:05 AM

    omg i have tears

  13. Lindsey10:10 PM

    What amazing photos, you are very talented at what you do. All of the different shots are unique. I am a Michigander and know the Ann Arbor area very well. GO BLUE!


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