Kat & Dave Engagement

posted on: May 22, 2008

kat-dave-engagement-19 copy.jpg
Could these two be any hotter?!! Yowsas!

kat-dave-engagement-15 copy.jpg

The Chicago Field Museum is one of their favorite places to explore together, so I thought it would be fun to shoot there!! I was definitely in for a challenge when it came to lighting in the exhibits- especially because I wanted to be respectful by not flashing the heck out of everyone else that was there. We still came away with some really fun and interesting shots and I looooved getting to know Kat & Dave better in such an exploratory environment!
kat-dave-engagement-3 copy.jpg

Right off the bat, I could tell that they love to have fun together. Kat - outgoing and adventurous, and Dave - reserved and practical... together, they strike the perfect balance. ;-)
kat-dave-engagement-2 copy.jpg

kat-dave-engagement-1 copy.jpg

kat-dave-engagement-13 copy.jpg

kat-dave-engagement-12 copy.jpg''

kat-dave-engagement-4 copy.jpg

Yummy architecture and kisses...
kat-dave-engagement-11 copy.jpg

kat-dave-engagement-10 copy.jpg

Ready to go on the honeymoon?!
kat-dave-engagement-9 copy.jpg

These two are really well-traveled, and they were showing me all of the places they've been and will go together... what adventure!!
kat-dave-engagement-8 copy.jpg

kat-dave-engagement-6 copy.jpg
kat-dave-engagement-7 copy.jpg

Their own little sand-painting... awww...
kat-dave-engagement-5 copy.jpg

They crack me up!! This makes me think of the song... "Woah-oh here she comes, watch out boy she'll chew you up..."
kat-dave-engagement-14 copy.jpg

Nice legs Dave!!! HA!!!
kat-dave-engagement-18 copy.jpg

He's such a good sport. ;-) And doesn't Kat have the cutest dimples?!
kat-dave-engagement-20 copy.jpg

I just love how this sums up their personalities together...
kat-dave-engagement-21 copy.jpg

Yet another take on the Chicago skyline! I bet I've photographed the Chicago skyline from almost every spot possible by now!! It never gets old to me. I love city skylines. ;-) I also love people in love and I can't wait for their wedding.. it's going to be amazing!!!
kat-dave-engagement-17 copy.jpg

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  1. These are great, especially the ones in the low light. I would love to know the EXIF of the shots in the museum. I'm trying to learn to shoot in manual.

  2. surely, i'm obsessed with chicago. everything about it is magical and glorious. it was the first city i moved to after i lived in oregon my whole life. best move i ever made.

    anyway....lovely work! :) what a fun place to shoot and explore.

  3. AMAZING as usual Anne! Did you have to get permission to shoot in the museum, or did you just play it cool? I have wanted to shoot in the Science & Industry Museum but I never got an answer as to how they felt about doing portraits in there.

  4. Mark -lots of high ISO and slow shutter speed!

    Monica - We didn't run into any problems, usually they'll let you know at the door if they have a problem with your "big camera". I did it without flash in order to not make a production out of it.

  5. Charise7:26 PM

    Beautiful images Anne! You rock!!

  6. what a fun couple! awesome as always...

  7. serena grace5:53 PM

    they seem like such a fun couple to be around!

  8. Great stuff anne! Shooting in a museum is not easy, but you've certainly pulled it off quite well! That first image is simply stunning--what a great couple. :)

  9. what a superior set of photographs! It's my 1st time seeing your blog and I'm fascinated.

  10. Wow, I love your work!! I found you through a Google search on "Senior Portraits" Thanks for sharing your talent on the Web. I will be back. :)

  11. Anonymous4:08 PM

    i adore your wedding and engagement pictures- you have an amazing ability to capture emotions inside colors, body language, and facial expressions. i'm in awe.

    i also based my senior pictures off several of yours, thanks for the inspiration! keep up the good work, you've got lots of fans!

    Hannah :)


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