Michael's Senior Portraits

posted on: February 26, 2008


Before there's any confusion... Michael is not a high school senior... he's a college senior at Indiana State University. I never really thought about taking "senior pictures" for college students until Michael asked, but now that I've done it, I kinda wish I had done some for myself!! I looked really different as a senior in college than I did as a senior in high school! Michael's reason for doing portraits was so that he could send a head-shot out on his resumes and applications for grad school, which is such a great idea. Of course, you could also use them for those online personal sites, because you end up looking like a model... but, we'll talk about that another time! Back to Michael... ;-)




I looove this next picture... the dichotomy of his button down shirt and tie with his jeans and chucks (converse)... and his one foot pointed slightly inward... it shows his shy nature along with his ambitious confidence, his ability to be professional along with his individual sense of style. It just says so many different things at once... and I love complexity like that.






Ever since I moved to Terre Haute, IN I had a vision of creating this next image with someone... on Ohio Blvd... in the fall. This is by far my FAVORITE image from our session... probably more for the artistic concept and execution than for any other reason.

I also love this shot... it's just fun, whimsical, unexpected, and a great way to end this blog post...

Michael - good luck in all of your future endeavors!! It was so interesting to meet you and hang out with you!! I see big things in your future!!! ;-)

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  1. Jamie Weiss1:42 PM

    You did an awesome job with that! He has some really nice eyes and you really brought them out.

  2. Kim Kelley3:37 PM

    Great shots Anne, I'm Lovin them all!

  3. Hotness! He looks like Edward Norton!

    Oh yeah, and the photography is pretty damn good too ;)

  4. you are soooo good!!! i love your photos!!!

  5. So good Anne. I love the negative space.

  6. so cute ... and i love the idea!

  7. I love the first and last especially, great work! and what an amazing idea, too, to do senior portraits for college students... I wish I had a lovely one for myself, too. great new portrait idea!

  8. the last one is brilliant!! you are such an amazing photographer!!

  9. such a great idea! i was super awkward in high school. right before i graduated college, i was HOT! that has long gone and now i'm chubby again. not fun! :) these are such great photos. he is SO photogenic!

  10. I had senior photos done in college as well and LOVED them! It's truly a moment worth celebrating! Besides, they made for WAY better invitations than the totally expensive ones from the university! ;-)

  11. Love the second to last shot! Are you going to WPPI? If so, see you there!

  12. Wow Anne....great work. I really like the first one...looks like it could be an ad for an independent film.

  13. love these Anne! he is adorable!

  14. Anonymous9:12 PM

    I visit your blog from time to time and I absolute love this idea of college senior portraits. You did a wonderful job! He looks so great and handsome.

  15. The Ohio Blvd. one reminds me so much of Six Feet Under. (I loved that show)...the tree shape and color, the symmetry, the handsome boy in the middle of it with all the light above his head. Anne can put HBO to shame. :)

  16. He and you may have just started a trend. This should've been done a long time ago. Great job on the photos too!

  17. Wow. These look like straight out of a magazine. You are so amazing!

  18. Michele8:58 PM

    Hi there. I'm been more of a lurker on your blog, but told myself I'm going to start commenting more on photo blogs.

    I love love love these shots! Great Job! Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful photos. They are such an inspiration. What a wonderful idea for senior photos in college!

  19. Anne--ditto to everyone above! I think these are really great. He seems like he was a very comfortable "subject"--of course, you do have a knack for making people comfortable. I love your choices for locations and how you compose your shots. I wish I'd done this when I graduated. My friends made me show up for the free photo shoot provided by the school for our yearbook. "You have to be in the yearbook--blah, blah.) But we had no choice as far as what went in. And let's just say that my mugshot (NOT a good picture!)is now printed and bound for people to laugh at for the rest of our lives. Grrreat.

  20. great shots good use of lighting. very natural looking


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