$5 Can Save A Person's Life

posted on: February 8, 2008

What did you spend YOUR last $5 on?

Did you save someone's life?

Every day 5,760 people die from waterborne illnesses, many of which could have been prevented with a simple water filter. You can help Thirst Relief International provide clean water to people around the world in several ways....

If you'll be in Las Vegas this March attending WPPI (Wedding & Portrait Photographers International Convention & Tradeshow), you can bid on a 90 minute mentoring session with a photographer of your choice! I'd be honored if it were me, but there are tons of AWESOME photographers to choose from (I already know of a few I'd like to bid on!) To see which photographers are trading their time for donations, pre-register on the bidding site now: http://www.fotoverite.org/auction2/ and prepare to begin your bidding on your favorite mentor tomorrow at 10 am EST! Bidding will close on Tuesday unless there's a bidding war- in which case, it will last until the highest bid is no longer challenged.

Here's a tip to help you win! If you're bidding on one photographer and you get outbid above your budget, see if you can put those dollars toward winning another photographer mentor- even if you don't know them personally, I guarantee they'll still have some awesome insights and wisdom they can share with you and you'll probably learn something new!! The winning bids are donated to Thirst Relief International. Just imagine, you could help save the lives of 100 people for a mere $500!! Ever wanted to be superhero? If you win me, I won't just be your mentor for 90 minutes... I'll be your personal mentor all year long to answer your questions, give gentle direction, and help you accomplish your goals!  If you'd like to bid on me CLICK HERE!

If you won't be at WPPI, you can still make a difference by visiting http://www.thirstrelief.org/contribute.htm and make the next $5 you spend go toward saving a life! It's not just awesome karma, it's paying it forward.

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  1. Anne!!! You never fail to impress me with your thoughts of generosity!!! What a wonderful project for you to be involved in...I would bid on you!!!

  2. Jenn Sykes3:39 PM

    This truly is an amazing project!! Everyone can spare $5!


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