Noel + Cruise = ???

posted on: November 2, 2007

Hurricane Noel
If you don't hear from me by Tuesday, it's because I was eaten by the big red monster above. So far the cruiseline hasn't issued any changes to our schedule, so we may be able to miss the hurricane entirely. However, there's a chance that things could shift and it could close down the port of Miami and we would end up stuck at sea. No phone, no internet... well... really ridiculously expensive internet. This might be a good time to mention that you can receive instant notification by email or feedreader of when this blog is updated by using the links in the sidebar under "subscribe".

It's really difficult for me to just STOP and leave when so many things need to be finished. It's only for a few days - no more than if I were photographing an out of town wedding (which is what I keep telling myself.) But it's so hard for me to let go and relax because I feel guilty for taking time out for myself and my husband. Sick, isn't it? I tend to put my clients above many other things in my life, and I'm really working on creating more balance between work and home/health/family. I know that if I don't work on it now, some day I'll wake up and realize that life passed me by and I didn't even realize it because I was so busy working. So, thank you for understanding while I take a little "time-out". I don't think Dane's Photo Minute could have been any more appropriate right now... press play to watch the video...

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  1. jamie8:46 AM

    Relax babe!!! You owe it to yourself and your hubby and your fans! I'm a big believer in taking time for yourself - you can't do all the wonderful you do without taking care of you! Hope the cruise goes well and you have a great time!!

  2. Anonymous9:05 AM

    S.T.O.P. and R.E.L.A.X.

  3. Annabel12:24 PM

    I'm glad you're taking some time! Just reading a few recent posts in your blog one can tell you NEED a vacation. The work will still be there when you get back and there might be more of it, yes, but I'm sure you didn't get to be such a great and successful artist by not taking care of things when they need to be taken care of. Even if you just book a weekend at a fancy hotel nearby and don't do the cruise, it's going to be worth it! You can also call the cruise line and see if they're offering vouchers for another cruise if you're nervous about the possibility of it being canceled.

  4. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for your cruise. Don't worry. Your clients love you and your work enough that they'll be patient while you take some much needed time out for yourself. I hope the busy wedding season didn't wear you down too much!

  5. awww, anne!! I hope you have a FABULOUS trip and go nowhere near the internet!!

  6. Anne,
    I love reading your blog but don't comment very often. This blog post struck me though as well as Dane's video and I think it's so true. Just last night I spent an hour just sitting in front of the woodstove with my dog thinking about life, business, and other miscellany. I kept wanting to get up and move on but I realized the importance of stopping and taking a breath and hope you are able to do the same on your cruise.
    Take care,

  7. Anne, yes you are crazy but that is why your clients love you..but they won't love you any less for taking vacation!!! GO and have fun and tend to your needs ;) don't worry about that pesky hurricane, maybe getting stuck at sea is just what you will need to stop and take a breath ;) We'll miss you in KY though...

  8. amanda reynolds11:52 AM

    I hope you don't get eaten by the big red blog. I also hope you truly find the place of rest and relaxation.


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