posted on: November 29, 2007

My wonderful husband introduced me to TED over the Thanksgiving weekend through a series of video podcasts he had downloaded to his iPhone. All I can keep thinking is...


Here's an explanation of TED from the website..
"TED started out as an annual conference in Monterey [CA] devoted to Technology, Entertainment and Design. The content has broadened in recent years, but this annual event is still the main engine that drives TED's success, bringing together 1000 of the world's most remarkable people. The format is fast-paced, with 50+ speakers over four days (plus short talks, performances and evening events). In 2005, an additional conference, TEDGlobal, was inaugurated. It's held every other year, in a different location, focusing on a different theme. All upcoming conferences through March 2008 are sold out. However, the best content from all TED events is made available through this [] website."

TED is also available as a podcast download on iTunes- which is great for watching while you're waiting in line somewhere, or when you just have time to kill! I've been absolutely fascinated, inspired, and informed with each talk I've listened to! I'm SO glad they're offering the content freely and publicly- the ideas are priceless!! It's simply amazing.

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  1. I am a fellow TED addict :) Let's go check it out in person someday! James Nachtwey's is one of my favorites.



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