posted on: November 8, 2007 is one of the many flickr mash-ups that makes some of the FUNNEST things out of photos.. (click images to see full size)

Here are some fun things brides & grooms you can do with MOO:
- Give your guests a sticker to save your date on their calendar (I did this the hard way because MOO didn't have stickers back then!)
- Use the minicards as place cards
- Add flair to your thank you cards with photo stickers
- Use stickers or mini cards to put secret love messages in unexpected places

What I LOVE about MOO and what makes them unique is that while other companies restrict you to one image per product set, MOO will allow you to purchase a product set where each piece has a different image! I LOVE VARIETY and I love companies that allow me to have variety! You should SEE some of the cool things that people are doing with their MOO stuff. The products are also made with high quality materials that you'll notice as soon as you touch them. So, if you haven't heard of MOO yet, or you've heard of them, but haven't tried them - here's my official endorsement to give it a try! I love them!! They also just started offering greeting cards, which are just in time for the holidays!! (disclaimer: I'm not being paid by MOO or any of its affiliates to endorse their products... I just LOVE IT!)

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  1. Denise11:36 AM

    Hello, just thought you should know - MOO Loves you too! Thank you so much for the lovely write up :)

  2. Anne - GET OUT OF MY HEAD!!! Yet another reason Eric and I know you are perfect for our wedding. I just found Moo last Thursday and absolutely love it.

    We are on the same wavelength too much!



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