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posted on: June 7, 2007

I think there's something very powerful about a woman during pregnancy.. something almost goddess-like. I think Erika would make an ideal goddess, and a great mom! ;-) When I entered Erika & Steve's home in Washinton, D.C. I was instantly inspired by their sense of style and love of unique finds! They had a lot of personal art and everything seemed to have a special meaning (just like my home!) For example, the painting behind Erika in the image above was done by a friend. I just love that Erika's expression in that image reminds me of Mona Lisa. Isn't she beautiful?! You can't really tell, but she is very delicately balanced on an old table that probably was NOT intended for anything more than papers and pencils!! Now that's a brave woman!!

Doesn't Steve look like a great dad?


The red chair- a favorite piece of furniture. ;-) Here's a suggestion for all parents: each year, take a picture of your child on the same piece of furniture as an annual documentary of how they've grown... it's pretty interesting to see them grow into your favorite furniture!

Erika & Steve were up for anything different, and I just love that!! These next two are favorites!!!


Happy parents= happy baby. ;-)

Thank you sooo much to Beth & Fred for connecting us!! I feel so lucky that I was there to capture the final moments before birth!! Just FIVE days after I was there, baby Oz was born, weighing 7lbs., 3oz., and 19 3/4" long.

Here he is now!!! Sooo cute!! (image from Erika & Steve)

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  1. I have so many comments to make!

    1. Taking a picture in the same piece of future once a year is an INCREDIBLE idea! Could you imagine being our age and looking back through time to your Mom being pregnant?? Woah. I'm blown away.

    2. Her tattoos are AWESOME. So subtle and beautiful.

    3. Oz is the BEST name and whatta cute little guy!

    OK, that's all before I get all baby-inspired on the eve of my own honeymoon ;)

  2. Future = furniture.


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