Baby Madeleine

posted on: June 7, 2007

When I first met Julie at the Ohio Building, before moving to Terre Haute, Madeleine was still just a small lump in Julie's tummy- but no more! She's quickly becoming a very independent little girl. ;-)

One of my favorite things about doing an at-home baby session is that I get to capture such a large range of emotions and interactions in an environment that is both comfortable and familiar to babies. I just love photographing little glimpses of what life is like at different stages. Like the way that mom & dad play...

The toys she likes to put in her mouth and the toys she likes to touch...
(I wonder if one dad will regret making the TV remote one of Madeleine's favorite toys?)

The way she pouts and the way she looks at you to make you want to hold her...

The foods she craves and the foods she isn't sure about...

The way she mimics everything you do...

... and the unique way she falls fast asleep.

Julie & Tom- thank you so much for letting me capture this special time in Madeleine's life!! I can't wait to see all of you again!! Last but not least... Tom in a Top Hat. Sorry Tom - I just had to show it!!!

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous - not just the baby, but also your photos.

  2. Anne, This truly is one of the most beautiful, thoughtful portrait sessions I have ever seen. Your use of light, color, composition and texture is brilliant. You captured her little personality perfectly. You should be so proud of these, and be sure to get them in your portfolio fast!

  3. oh how sweet! i love all the lighting and expressions you captured with this session. absolutely stunning!!

  4. Oh my! The one of her pouting and the last one of her asleep on the bed are priceless! I also love the first one. You're amazing ;-)

  5. I just love your style Anne!! You truly are capturing timeless images for all of your clients!

    brandy j

  6. I love these! I especially love the first one and the one of her asleep on the bed. Beautiful.

  7. amanda reynolds11:18 AM

    oh my gosh anne, these are amazing! i love how you captured this family. you have a very natural way of making everything look so beautiful.

    and that pouty face is the cutest ever! what a beautiful family, that must be so excited about these.

  8. Anne - these are amazing .. I just love all of them!!
    They are so true .. My favorite though is the first one ..
    Just love these - your colors are fabulous!!


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