Candice & Brian's Belle Isle Detroit Yacht Club Wedding

posted on: May 24, 2007

Last Dance

It was a dark and stormy day as the wind shook the branches of the trees in
Royal Oak, MI. Yet, inside her bungalow home, the bride was diligently
preparing to marry the man of her dreams.

Bride getting ready

Her dress hung patiently on the door, waiting to transform its owner into an image of classic romance.

Wedding dress

As the guests walked up to the Shrine of the Little Flower, they were greeted by the grand architecture and craftsmanship of days past.

Shrine of the Little Flower

Waiting patiently for the ceremony to begin, the bridesmaids were veiled behind the curtains of the small chapel while the groomsmen and ushers greeted guests within the sanctuary. As each person took their seat, they became absorbed in thought and anticipation for the ceremony to begin.

Waiting and watching

Guests waiting

With only a few moments before their grand processional, the bride assures
her father that he will always have a place in her heart.

Time with dad

In this sacred and holy space, the bride & groom promise their
commitment to love each other, their families, and the God that brought
them together.

Shrine of the Little Flower Wedding

Shrine of the Little Flower


The bride fondly remembers an image of her grandmother standing in front of
the very same Belle Isle Scott Fountain on her wedding day. In spite of
the wind and rain, we create an image for future generations to look
back on and treasure.

Scott Fountain Belle Isle

Ready to celebrate, the newlywed husband and wife ascend the grand staircase
of the Detroit Yacht Club to cut the cake and enjoy their first meal
with the family and friends who came to support them in their new life

To the reception

Cake Cutting

Detroit Yacht Club

As the music begins, the husband and wife embrace for their first dance
together, softly lit by the flickering fireplace and iron candelabras
of the grand ballroom.

First Dance

Romance by the fire

With great beats and dancing feet, the music lures guests into the spotlight of the dance floor, ready to party the night away.


Stepping into the spotlight

Father in law gets down!

Dancing Machine

Dad gets down!

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

To Candice & Brian - thank you soooo much for giving me the privilege of photographing your wedding!! May you live happily ever after!! And a special thanks to Sally & Rodney for bringing us together.

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  1. So poetic, Anne. Lovely. The image of the little girl at the base of the stage is surely an award-winner, or at least will be in a frame at her house for years to come. Priceless!

  2. Love the all the images...adn especially LOVE the write-up!! :)

  3. Emilie - that shot felt too good to be true - I was like, does anyone else see this?!!

    Jasmine - you were my inspiration all the way!!!

  4. Lovely, lovely, lovely! I agree with Emilie, that one of the little girl is killer!

  5. I love the shot of the little girl too! Amazing. I had to come out of my blog stalking for that one!

  6. Anne your work is so inspirational! That shot of the little girl truly is breath taking!

  7. Wow I was hoping to be the first to break the news to you that the little girl shot is just captivating. If you don't enter it in to a competition I will for you. All your images just put us all there. Just amazing. I'm breathless.

  8. Hello Anne!
    Beautiful work!
    A few of these have wpja awards all over them!
    Like everyone else, I love the little girl on the edge of the dance floor.
    I hope you are doing great!
    xo daria

  9. A few?! Which ones do you like other than the little girl? ;) She's definitely a show-stopper!!

  10. Wow! As Emilie commented, that photograph of the little girl at the base of the stage is simply stunning.
    Her stance is otherworldly; it reminds me of Degas' sculpture of the little ballerina.

    I also love the photograph of the bride next to the woman (a bridesmaid?) peering out from the curtain. You can feel the anticipation of that moment perfectly, thanks to your photograph.

    Miss ya, BTW!


  11. Wow. Excellent, excellent.. I so want to shoot at those venues.

    The little girl shot - totally amazing.

    Well done!

  12. Anne, you are so amazing. I love the first image and the little girl and the the lighting is just gorgeous. You see so many wonderful things that other people don't see. I agree some great award winners.

  13. Anne, sorry to be so late chiming in on this one, just getting caught up on blogs. This is absolutely profoundly the most stunning set I've seen from you yet! Simply a fabulous job--congrats!!!!!!


  14. You are simply rockin it Anne!! Your work is amazing... you catch every moment... AWESOME STUFF!!

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. I am SO jealous of their pics! Especially since I was married at Shrine and the few pics you have on the site are FAR better than the 1000 I have from my photographer!! Lesson learned: Never let someone talk you out of doing what you want. (In my case booking you as a supplemental photographer! I will say it to my death bed!) I was just walking into church today asking dear hubby why our photographer didn't take a pic of us with the side of the church in the background and I mumbled under my breath ANNE would have done it! I swear each week at mass I look around to see if I could find what you'd take pictures of. I never seem as creative though! Too funny that I found these today because tomorrow is our 1 year anniversary and I was just thinking that I'd like to see other peoples wedding photos of shrine. SIGH!

    Thanks again for sharing your beautiful images!

  17. I just had Dear hubby look at the photo's of the church and he said "yep, I'm officially not happy with the pics from our photographer. Just by looking at those couple of pictures. Well, I guess you will just have to hire her for your next wedding" LOL

    Shrine is such a dark church and you managed to capture images that make it look like it is full of light. Our photog said he could do that yet all of our pictures are really dark.

    Again, I can't say enough about you and your pics and your eye and your techniques! BRAVO!

  18. Great dance shots!!! I love the disco lights..looks like fun!!


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