Bride Wigout Video Confirmed FAKE

posted on: February 1, 2007

I previously posted my analysis of why it was fake after so many people were convinced it was real. Since then, I've received soooooo many hits to my blog for people searching to find out whether the Bride Wigout video was real or not. I even had people EMAIL me to tell me that I was WRONG and that it HAD to be REAL! I've always thought, why does it even matter? It's entertainment!!! But perhaps it was more entertaining at the thought of it being real. Sorry guys. Allegedly the only truth in the video was that Jodi really did cut her own hair. Hopefully now everyone can stop searching to find the answer and go on with their regularly scheduled lives. ;-) By the way... I have to give a huge Bravo to the girls for pulling off a stunt that created such a HUGE stir. That's awesome.

Check out the full story published by the Toronto Star:

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  1. Once the Today show aired it, you knew it had to be fake.

    The next hoax to be found out?

  2. Anonymous10:17 PM


    I was lucky enough to see the video several times over several days, before it got pulled. I personally thought the video was real. I had carefully checked it out second-by-second at least a couple of times, and never got the vibe that it was staged. Of course, I could be wrong.

    For what it's worth, though, none of your 10 reasons why it *had* to be staged were super-convincing to me, sorry (!) For example, claiming that a bride would "never" do (whatever) is obviously just a generalization based on your impressions of human behavior, not a logical conclusion.

    Also, the details in the newspaper story exposing the supposed hoax seem on the whole rather inconsistent with the fact that the video was pulled. If Jodi were actually an aspiring actress and the whole thing was a set-up, why in the world would her older sister (the videographer) remove the video?

    Doesn't make sense... I still think it was real, and the "hoax" was invented as a way for Jodi to regain face.


    Anonymous Brad in Chicago

  3. Brad - that's awesome that you'll fight tooth and nail to believe it's real to the bitter end. ;-) Even after reading that her hair was real, I'm kinda stubborn about thinking it was really a wig. ;-)

    I guess you'd have to know me a little more personally to know that when I use absolute statements like NEVER and ALWAYS, I really mean "for the most part, based on my experience, which I do not consider to be the absolute condition".

    I'm just shocked by how emotionally worked-up people still are about this video - it's hilarious!!!

  4. Kathleen9:48 AM

    LOL I dunno, I'm still convinced it's real! However, so glad you have never witnessed anything close to that bride's behavior! It would make for some unique "getting ready" shots, don't you think? ;)

  5. It turns out it's not only fake, but there was a pro behind the camera, with one of the actresses speaking off camera as if she were the one filming. I'm trying to dig up more information on it.

    I posted the video to my blog and received thousands of hits. For a while Googling "bride wigout" gave my blog as the first hit. Kinda cool.


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