The Bride Wig-Out Video

posted on: January 25, 2007

By now, if you have anything to do with weddings, you've probably seen this little gem of a creation. When Kathleen forwarded the link to me, I decided it was time to blog about it and uncover the TRUTH! If you haven't seen it before, enjoy... but don't get too upset by it....

10 Reasons Why This is NOT a Real Bride

1. Titled "WIG-out" and the bride is obviously wearing a horrrrrrible WIG.
2. This is the only video posted by this YouTube profile- and the profile is named "wigoutgirl".
3. They perfectly timed the brides entrance with the pouring of the champagne.
4. No bride would EVER leave the salon if she hated her hair that much - especially not with over an HOUR left to fix it!
5. Can we say... OVERACTING?! But I have to give props to the ladies playing the bridesmaids.. they were pretty good.
6. Brides NEVER have a pair of scissors within close reach, especially not of THAT size.
7. The camera work was pretty slick - nice zoom, focus, framing, and cut action going on there! Well directed!
8. No bridesmaid would actually keep filming when her friend started freaking out like that.
9. No real tears were shed in the making of this movie... except tears of laughter.
10. Props= $50 (Girls are always looking for ways to reuse that wedding and bridesmaid dress they only wore once!)
Camera= $800+
Making people think it was real= priceless

I seriously hope they win an award for that!! It actually had a decent plot and storyline.

Updated Thursday February 1st - The Toronto Star Article says it's a FAKE TOO! Check it out:

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  1. I totally noticed the repetition of the word "wig" and thought that was a clue. Totally agree with you! But very funny video.

  2. I'm not sold that it's fake. It looks like some brides I have seen. I think your reasonings are all speculation.

  3. Hey - why not do a top 10 reasons it's NOT fake and put the link here?! I'm all about friendly debate! Regardless of it's real or fake value, it's still highly entertaining, isn't it?

    As someone who photographs brides for a living, and has pretty much seen it all... I have to say that a bride would rather be an hour late to her own wedding making her stylist redo her hair than to actually walk out of a salon looking like that and feeling that devastated about how she looks. There are also some contextual language clues that tell us she's lying, such as "IT WAS horrible" should have been "IT IS horrible." They also went out of their way to point out the wedding dress... which would be the least of their worries at that moment. And... if it wasn't really a wig - they would have named the video "Bridezilla Hair Freak-Out" instead of "WIGOUT". But again... I love a hearty disagreement... so please, enlighten me as to the authenticity and validity of the video. ;-)

  4. Anonymous5:01 PM

    well, I have to say she's not all that different from my ex. she was a bit freaked by the hair styling she had the morning we got married, but thought it was the best she could do and took it, because she needed to get tot he church for pictures. she didn't go as nuts as this that morning - she saved that until after we were married :):):)

  5. Chunky Photojournalist Barbie1:01 AM

    I'm on the fence about it, too, to tell you the truth. I, too, photograph brides for cash. It's my side business, not my living, but hey, I love a good debate.

    Here's my thinking:

    REAL- Scissors like that WOULD be around so everyone can cut the tags off their dresses.

    NOT REAL- most brides have their bridesmaids with them at the salon. If they don't, then they at least have their honor attendant or mother with them. Honor attendant and/or mother would most likely sneak a warning call or text message to the bridesmaids who are about to experience the drama.

    REAL- People do act like that. I generally give my clients some "space" when they start to meltdown. I've even whispered to a bridesmaid: "The bride seems okay now," only to have her murmur, "You weren't in the car with us." I've certainly never cut my own hair off, but I have thrown a good temper tantrum or two in my day. I usually do it privately, though (but oh, if my dog could talk!) and consider it a good catharsis.

    NOT REAL- I can't see what the stylist was going for. With bad bridal hair, you can usually see what it SHOULD have looked like, before it got too pouf-y or elaborate or had too many stupid flowers stuck in it

    REAL- A bride MIGHT leave a salon if she hated it that much, and was so angry and stressed that she has to just get OUT and start over

    NOT REAL- You'd think her instinct to "start over" would lead her to hop in the shower, wash out the hairspray and ask her bridesmaids who's best at doing a blow-out, not start cutting

    REAL- When the starts cutting, she has a moment of eerie calm. That's such a true behavior for people who exhibit compulsive behavior it made me uncomfortable.

    REAL- Her sister tries to get her to focus on the positive, listing various things, including, "You're getting married before your big sister." That seemed so...TRUE, and painful.

    NOT REAL- I watched again, paying close attention to the names. The bride is named Jodi, and when they tried to calm her down they said, "Kevin loves you no matter what" and "In an hour, you'll be Mrs. Kevin Smith." When I'm not doing my side business, I'm a journalist. Which means I'm nosy for a living. ;)

    I did a search on's registry center, which looks through a dozen major retailers for couples' wish lists, posted in the last three or four years. There are eight pages of couples with grooms named Kevin Smith, and not one of them has a bride with the first name "Jodi" or "Jody." And then, it hit me...

    My final decision?

    NOT REAL: Kevin Smith is the name of a famous filmmaker (Chasing Amy, Mallrats, Clerks, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Dogma). I feel like that's gotta be a little clue, a little something these filmmakers threw in as an homage to their favorite director, perhaps?

  6. Wow! Chunky Photojournalist Barbie broke it down quite nicely. I am now convinced it is a spoof. Good work CP Barbie! :)


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