Valentine's Day Ideas!

posted on: February 8, 2007 is one of my favorite gift sites and they're having a "Red Hot" Valentine's Day SALE for 2 days, and if you order now, you won't have to pay for rush shipping. If you get a gift from Red Envelope for your sweetie, make sure you splurge and get the big red box - it's much more impressive than opening a brown cardboard box. If your sweetie likes things that are different and creative, visit and find a unique handmade gift that would be perfect for your one-of-a-kind sweetie.

Here are some quick picks I found on that would be great for Valentine's Day (click on each to see more detail):

However, if nothing there suits your fancy, here are some other great suggestions for Valentine's Day...

Dinner Theatre
Full Body Massage
Night at the Opera
Out-of-Town Getaway
Dinner Train/Steamboat Tour
Candlelit Dinner & Dancing at Home
Draw or Paint a Personal Work of Art
Serenade Your Valentine with a Song
Make a List of "101 Reasons I Love You"
Take a Cooking or Painting Class Together
Strawberries, Champagne, and a Romantic Game
Mail a Love Letter or Poem "from a secret admirer"
Leave Surprise Love Messages in Unexpected Places
Have Flowers or Balloons Delivered to Work (it never gets old)

Or, you can even make your own music video with iMovie!!! Click below to see my one of the favorite Valentine ideas ever!!

I think the key to a good Valentine's Day gift is that it's thoughtful and well planned. It doesn't have to cost anything, but if it's something that requires advance thought and/or planning, it shows you really care and that you think about your sweetie more than just on a day like Valentine's Day.

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  1. That music video was too funny! I can't imagine having that much free time on my hands these days. And if I did, I can't imagine not totally cracking up while the tape was rolling.
    I loved all of your little V-day tips...very fun & creative!
    I am a huge new fan of your blog!
    Hey, congrats on the Super Bowl victory! My daughter and I were cheering for your team based on the name, since she is really into horses. She's 8 after all.:-)

  2. i am definitely going to hint that my boyfriend needs to read this post of yours! ;)

  3. I am in love with Red Envelope! I get all my fun 'splurgy' gifts from them and they never disappoint. And yes! The red box is a must(you can't get the whole effect if you don't get the box).


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