Environmentally Friendly Weddings

posted on: February 11, 2007

Some of you may know by now that I'm a little bit of a tree hugger. Whenever I do an engagement session and there's a great tree nearby, I just have to include it in a photo!! What's one of my favorite books? The giving tree!! So, in honor of my love for all things green, here are some resources on how to plan an Environmentally Friendly Wedding:

• "How to Plan a Green Wedding" article from TreeHugger.com
• "Eco-Friendly Weddings" article from Brilliant Wedding Pages
• "Nice Day for a Green Wedding" article from Grist.com
"Green Nuptials" article from Earth Smart Consumer

While I haven't been able to ween myself from wonderful conveniences that prevent me from living a totally organic and environmentally friendly lifestyle, I do have an affection for all things green and the little ways that we can promote better uses of our precious planet's resources. One of the ways I accomplish this in my business is by working as paperlessly as possible and when paper is needed, recycling whenever possible as well. I really love it when local governments make it easy to be eco-friendly. Can you believe that I actually miss Michigan's 10¢ deposit on soda cans??? Indiana has no deposit on these items which means there's a lot of aluminum and plastic simply ending up in landfills rather than being recycled into other products. I also wish that all trash services simply offered recycling as part of their regular trash pickup for no additional charge, I mean, why should it cost more green to save some green? They claim that it requires more labor and processing, but just think of the profits they could make by turning all of that free waste into products and materials that can be used again! If everyone did just one little thing to help the environment every day, we could all enjoy a little more of this planet we call home.

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  1. Why are you keeping cute pictures of yourself to yourself! I love that picture of you and I know there are more to see...so....???

  2. Hahahaha... I'm not holding them hostage!! Stacy & Mary are!! Just kidding! They were kind to give me a few digital copies to put on my blog.

    When will I get some famous JoNa pictures?!

  3. Any time you come visit me...you know I portraits are my specialty...hee hee. Or should be! Someone famous once told me that.


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