Sarah & Mike Engagement

posted on: June 17, 2006

Sarah & Mike drove all the way from Columbus, OH to do their engagement sesion in downtown Detroit with me. (Thank you!!) ;-) We did a little sight seeing in the downtown area via The People Mover. From the look on Mike's face, I could tell that getting his picture taken was the last thing he was looking forward to that day! HA! Now, I'm usually prepared for guys to be reserved and a bit resistant during the engagement session, but Mike was definitely a tough cookie to bite into! I tried all of my subtle tactics to get Mike to loosen up, but he wasn't budging! What's a photographer to do when people are uncomfortable in front of the camera? Get them to NOT look at the camera. Some people are very comfortable getting their picture taken and will ham it up for the camera, but for those who aren't, I find that the best expressions and emotions come out when two people are interacting with one another and I'm off on the sidelines capturing it as it happens. It is in this way that I can really capture what is genuine about a relationship between two people. How they look at one another, how they touch one another, how they walk together... they are all little clues about the chemistry between two people.

I really love that every engagement session is different. For me, it's an entirely organic process and a constant challenge. I tune into how a couple reacts to different suggestions to determine what works and what doesn't and sometimes things that I have planned take completely different turns due to the responses of the people I'm photographing. My ultimate goal is to create images that are not just beautiful... but also honest and revealing. Of course, I leave it up to each person to determine if I'm successful in that goal. Click on any image to view a slideshow preview of Sarah & Mike's Engagement session.

PS. If you haven't ridden the Detroit People Mover lately, I highly suggest you do. If nothing else, at least to appreciate the beautiful Pewabic tiles that adorn many of the stations!

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