Kim & Rene Engagement

posted on: June 19, 2006

When Kim wanted to hire me for her wedding, I was already booked. She had a very popular date, so I'm sure it was difficult to find a great photographer. She ended up hiring one of those studios that uses a lot of different photographers. Well, I guess she had a horrible engagement session experience with this company. Now, in all fairness... it probably wasn't an extremely horrible experience... but since she had already seen pictures from my engagement sessions, I think she was expecting A LOT more than this other company normally delivered! After seeing how disappointed she was, Kim's best friend called me again only a month or so before the wedding day to find out if there was any chance that her date was somehow open. Ironically, the bride who had previously booked the same date decided to call off the wedding, leaving me with the date open! Talk about luck!

Well, one of the things she mentioned about this other engagement session was that the photographer made them stand against a wall, outside of an office complex, with a Doritos bag on the ground next to them and told them "Don't worry, it's only head shots," after which she thought.. why did I even dress up for this?! The photographer took about 15 shots and then they were done. Now, if all you need is one or two pictures as an announcement for the newspaper, or to put in a signature frame, I'm sure what that photographer did was just fine, provided he used good technique to make it look better than it actually was. I have to admit that when Kim told me this, I was a bit nervous as to what she'd think about my engagement session!! Sure enough, I would have them standing near a wall with not just a Doritos bag on the ground, but an entire alley full of dumpsters in full smelling range!! You can find some of the coolest backgrounds in alleys and parking lots... it's all in how you "see" it. I think quite a few of my clients would agree that some of their favorite images were taken in some very "unattractive" places. ;-) Of course... when you have a totally hot couple like Kim & Rene, they just make everything around them look better.

We started off by stopping by my favorite colorful parking lot and alley in downtown Windsor, then headed to the riverwalk, and finished off with a few quick shots in front of the Casino Windsor. On our way to Windsor, Kim & Rene were telling me how they met in a pool hall where they used to hang out all the time. So, of course, I had to get some shots of them shooting pool! Instead of going to a bar where we probably would have had a lot of people staring at us, they took me to a relative's house who had a game room in the basement. I loved getting the chance to weave some of their personal story into the engagement session. It makes it that much more meaningful and genuine. In any case... I've blabbed enough!!! Click on any image to view a slideshow of samples from their engagement session!

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  1. EASILY my favorite engagement session by Anne to date! I NEEEEEEED A BLUE WALL!


  2. Follow up: I found my blue wall.

    You're the BESSSSST!



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