Heather & Martin Engagement

posted on: June 2, 2006

When our first session together was rained out, Heather told me it was because she had terrible luck, so I promised her that there wouldn't be any rain on our rescheduled session. I got lucky.. in fact, really lucky because it was one of the warmest days we'd had all year!! In fact, I was even a little worried because full sun and clear skies meant harsh shadows and difficult lighting... but I found ways to use it and to work around it.

Heather & Martin are so silly when they're together... which doesn't seem to be often since Martin travels often with the Marines. I had a lot of fun hanging out with them and they were up for just about everything I wanted to try. ;-) I had fun shooting on Belle Isle again, and trying to find even more places and scenes that I hadn't explored in the other sessions I've done on the island. I love that the island has so much diversity, and even though I've shot there a few times now, each session looks like they were shot in completely different places!

What would an engagement session be without a little story? While we were walking back from the beach, a woman on a motorcycle seemed to just fall off her bike and stop traffic. Now, my personal take on this is that she was staring a little too hard at Martin & Heather having fun and not watching where she was going! Then, as we were trying to make our way to the island Casino for some great architectural shots, I was pulled over by the cops for turning left in one of those places where you can only turn during certain times of the day. I felt really bad because Heather & Martin were following me and they had to stop also. Of course, I never saw the sign because the sun was in my eyes, and luckily the cop let both of us off... which might have something to do with the fact that Martin flashed his military ID. Thanks Martin! Click on any image to view a flash preview of their engagement session.

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