Happy Anniversary Jennie & Alan!!

posted on: June 18, 2006

Jennie and Alan are very special to me. It was over a year ago that Jennie got this crazy idea that I should take their engagement pictures, after seeing some pictures I did as a gift for a mutual friend of ours. Once they saw their engagement pictures, Jennie & Alan had an even CRAZIER idea!! They decided that they were going to CANCEL the professional photographer they had already hired for their wedding so that I could shoot their wedding instead! WHAT WERE THEY THINKING!?! I was also just crazy enough to say yes.

It's amazing how one little decision can change your life. It was at that point that over ten years of a serious hobby became more than just a hobby. I studied everything I could get my hands on... reading books, message boards, magazines, tutorials.. anything and everything to feel as prepared as possible for the big day. I had offered to assist a few photographers and no one really wanted to take me up on my offer, so I ended up going solo for my first big job. Luckily I already had the technical knowledge down pat from years of practicing, so everything else was about timing, anticipation, and preparation. The whole day was a blur, but looking at the images, I remember every single moment like it was yesterday.

Jennie & Alan are so much more than clients, they are close friends. I know that no matter how far apart we are, they will always have a special place in my life. In honor of their first wedding anniversary, I share with you some of my favorite moments from their wedding day.... June 18, 2005.

To Jennie & Alan - thank you for believing in me and giving me the confidence to pursue my passion.

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  1. What a great day it was. As these pictures float by they bring back a rush of memories. I think Anne was more nervous than we were about our decision to hire her. After seeing her work and how she worked with us during the engagement pictures we knew that she was the “one”. Loosing the deposit when we canceled the other photographer was a small price to pay for having wonderful pictures. We hardly even knew she was there, which is exactly what we wanted. Not only do we get to see ourselves in action but we also get to see our guests having fun without being scared off by the camera or, even worse, forced to pose. That’s what makes our pictures so fun for us to look at. Thank you Anne for capturing the event as it happened so that we can remember it for a lifetime.

  2. Anonymous7:36 PM

    annie---I just viewed the slide presentation of Jennie and Alan's---and again I say WOW!!!! From a hobby to a profession, it would be nice if you got down this way with your mom so we can visit with you again. You are doing such a superb job. You have a special gift of "sight" or a special "eye" for capturing candid and very special moments. No wonder you are getting business by word of mouth. And no photographer can brag that you were their assistant first. You GO, GIRL!!! Love, Aunt Renee

  3. Anonymous7:06 PM

    I just viewed the engagement and wedding photos of Jenny & Al...
    I must say "What a wonderful
    job you did on that one!!!"
    If I were getting married all over again I would hire you in a New York minute!!!
    You are a great photographer, it's in your blood!
    Good Luck,
    Mother of Jennie's bridesmaid Carrie.

  4. Anne,
    watching our slideshow brought back so many wonderful memories. No one would ever be able to tell our wedding was your first wedding based on your pictures or how you interacted with our guests. Your pictures are amazing and your timing was seamless. You were able to get so many shots that other photographers would have missed becauase you were so focused. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being crazy enough to accept our offer and for putting so much love and attention into our pictures and our wedding. You are the best!


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