Jen & Chris' Wedding

posted on: March 17, 2006

Jen & Chris were married at the Candlelight Wedding Chapel & Hall where they had one of the most unique themes I've ever seen!! You guessed it- NASCAR! Now, before you make any judgements (because I KNOW what you're thinking), consider how carefully this theme was thought out and how much work it must have taken to pull it off...

How often does the groom actually get to have the wedding of HIS dreams? Most guys have to suffer through the girlie flowers and maybe even strut a flashy pink tie all for the love of his bride-to-be. Not this groom- I think he may have even done more of the decorating than the bride (but I'm pretty sure it was an equal effort)!

First, let's start with the wedding logo and centerpieces: a converted Nextel Nascar logo, custom designed by the groom with their names and wedding date! Not only did he custom design the logo, but look closely at the car.. ALL of the decals you see were custom designed and printed by the groom. I don't know much about the cars or drivers, but I also think that the other advertiser logos on the cars are accurate as well! (A little tip he shared about DIY decals- let the ink dry for a day before attempting to put them on anything.) Now honestly girls, how many guys are THIS dedicated to the centerpieces for YOUR wedding?

Second, the table numbers and color scheme: people are always looking for unique and creative ways to distiguish what tables guests should seek after picking up their placecards. These table numbers, were not just any numbers... each number represented the car that was in the center of the table. To keep a simple color palette, they choose black and white with splashes of red and silver. They could have gone overboard with checkered print, but instead it appeared subtlely in the silver bouquet ribbons and on the rotating platform for the model cars.

Keeping with their black & white color scheme, they also had a "tiered cake" made of Hostess Twinkies and Cupcakes. Even though they decided not to "cut the cake", I think that cake disappeared faster than any other wedding cake I've ever seen! I mean come on, who doesn't like hostess chocolate CUPCAKES?! Mmmmm... creamy filling... :P

Of course, this couple wouldn't be seriously die-hard NASCAR fans if they didn't have the ultimately NASCAR souvenier... an original, used, NASCAR racing tire (which was used as a card holder on their gift table)! Here's what Jen had to say...
"The tire that we used for the cardbox was one that we bought at MIS last summer. It's actually a race-used tire. Chris's dad made the stand and the wheel part of it w/ the card slot."

The best part of the wedding was that everyone had fun- and that's what makes a wedding great!! Click on any image to preview their wedding day in pictures.

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