Skeleton Skies - a fine art series

posted on: February 26, 2006

These images were inspired by Zach Arias' GOYA Fridays. I always have my monthly ritual of shooting for pleasure in order to produce an image or few that I give away as a monthly desktop or wallpaper image for your computer, but I hadn't really dedicated myself to a series that I would want to frame and hang on the wall of a coffee shop. I've also been a little frustrated with a few technology issues lately, so I decided that going for a walk would help me take a step back from the digital dilemas that were turning me into a crazy person.

Thursday was an amazing morning, warm and sunny, so I was bound to go for a long walk with my dog and classic OM10 camera. I was inspired to create a series worthy of framing, which would have a distictive theme. I looked up and loved the shapes of the trees tops... how they seemed to pierce the sky and clouds. So I spent the next hour or more walking around with my head in the clouds. I named this series "Skeleton Skies" because it explores the relationship between the plant life that survives the winter in a skeleton state and the cloud formations above them....

.. as a side note, while my head was in the clouds, my dog's nose was on the ground where he found some real skeletons from things that did NOT survive the winter. I was a little shaken up when I saw the inside of a deer, but it really hit home that the winter is an elimination process for the survival of the fittest.

Just for fun... here's a picture of my dog, Bailey. Two hours after this picture was taken, the ground was covered with snow again. Four hours after the ground was covered with snow, it started raining. Isn't Michigan great?

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  1. Hi Anne -
    I've been visiting for awhile, but have never posted. These are lovely photos! Isn't it nice to do something just for yourself artistically? I'm an illustrator, and I love when I get a chance to do a drawing just for me instead of for a job.

    Anyway - just popping in to say hi!


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