Baby Fiona

posted on: July 25, 2005

It seems as though there are babies popping up everywhere! Recently, I did an in-home documentary shoot for a mother and her child which would become a birthday present for "dad". Even though I brought extra lighting with me, after seeing how young the child was (7 mos.) I decided added lighting would be a bit alarming to this girl and decided to work within her natural environment. Luckily, my digital equipment can produce excellent results without much extra light. Kate (mom) wanted a very natural shoot of her daughter (Fiona) going about their daily routines. We had a lot of fun together and Fiona was so intruiged by the camera that I had a hard time getting her to take her eyes off me! What really amazed me was the amount of fine motor skills Fiona had at such a young age. Kate is a pianist and Fiona seems to pick it up very naturally. She didn't bang on the keyboard as other children of her age would do, instead she pressed individual keys on the piano with independence among her fingers. Babies amaze me ;-)

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