14 Creative Things To Do Together Tonight

posted on: February 14, 2014


Whether your relationship is a new fling, or tried and true spouses, make the journey more fun by doing things outside of the box from your regular routine.  Here are a few things to create a unique and fun memory together:

  1. Try a new recipe together.  Get adventurous and pick an exotic recipe neither of you have made before.
  2. Draw each other.  If you're both horrible at drawing, you can at least laugh at your creations together.  Of course, there's also a chance that one or both of you are brilliant artists, and that you'll end up with something worthy of a frame.  Either way, it's a simple way to create a unique keepsake together.
  3. Learn to sing a Karaoke song together.  There are plenty of YouTube-style-karaoke examples you can practice at home- just pick one you can practice over and over together and if you feel really daring, take it on the Karaoke circuit to try it in front of a live audience!
  4. Divide a deck of cards in half and write out 26 things you love about each other on the face of each card and then play a game like war, and read them back and forth to one another over a bottle of wine.
  5. Create a favorite dance mix together and then use it to dance to in your living room.
  6. Create a painting together.  Get a canvas, pick out two colors and take turns adding paint to the canvas to create something original and unique for your collaboration.  If canvas and paints are out of the budget, paper, markers, and pens work just as well.
  7. Reenact a famous movie scene together and record it.  No one else needs to see it, unless you feel like you have some star potential, but now you'll have something to relive over and over together.
  8. Write a poem together.  Trade off line by line and see how long you can keep it going.
  9. Make a snow creature or a sand creature together (or play dough creature!)  Dragon, teddy bear, shark, koala- the options are only limited by your imagination.
  10. Take a hike and find a good hiding place to start a new Geocache together.
  11. Learn a dance together so that the two of you can really take the dance floor with confidence as a couple at your next social gathering like a wedding or holiday party.
  12. Sit across from each other and give each other foot massages at the same time, of course you may not want to stop at the ankles.
  13. Go through random photos you have of each other and print them out to create an album of shared memories together.
  14. Create a vision board together, imagining a life that's even more wonderful than you have now.
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