LOVE IT: Real Beauty Sketches

posted on: April 16, 2013

This video series, produced by Dove, speaks directly to what I experience when I photograph people and hear how they see themselves.  Most often, when I'm doing headshots, I end up hearing everything that people hate about themselves.  I hear things come out of people's mouths that I never would have noticed or even perceived to be a problem.  Things which I consider to be part of someone's beauty, they consider to be ugly or unfavorable.  The fact is, we are the worst critics of how we look.  To everyone else in the world, we may be beautiful and lovely just as we are, but if we have a negative self-image, we end up closing ourselves off to our own greater beauty.  This video is a great illustration of the differences we have in how we perceive ourself versus how others see us...

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