As the Light Declines

posted on: July 6, 2012

The sounds of a trumpeting busker blast from the living room window behind me as drunken Temple Bar patrons break out into choruses from the bedroom window in front of me.  If New Orleans had a twin, Dublin would certainly be it's older and colder counterpart.  The chilly Irish wind blows in from the window over our freshly washed clothing in an attempt to fully air dry our clothes before packing them for another day of car and plane hopping to another country.
Temple Bar From Above
A rare view of Dublin's famous Temple Bar
I'm nearing seven months of living out of a suitcase and getting ready to head to my sixth country.  Australia, Spain, England, Norway, and now Ireland all behind me, with Greece, England (again), Netherlands, and Iceland ahead of me.  I still can't believe this is my life right now.

Dublin Lord Edward Street City Hall
Dublin's Lord Edward Street
 (iPhone images from my anneruthmann Instagram feed)

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  1. The joy in your postings, has me wanting to make our own way into the world un-visited til now. Thank you for showing the way.


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