Wedding Wednesday: Why Marriage is Good for You

posted on: February 15, 2012

There's a saying you might hear once or twice while wedding planning that goes something like:

While planning for your wedding, don't forget to plan for your marriage.

I can honestly say that Alex and I fought more during our engagement than we ever have since being married.  Living together presented a whole new set of things to deal with like changes in sharing personal space and adjusting lifestyles to be compatible for living with another person during morning and evening routines and adjusting bad habits.  Luckily, when you love someone a whole lot, those adjustments and compromises that create conflict are just small bumps in a very long road of learning to communicate better and understand one another.

In the video below, Jenna McCarthy (not to be confused with Jenny McCarthy), shares research findings on what makes couples break apart, stay together, and some statistics behind people who really stick to their eternal vows of commitment.  When Alex shared this Tedx video with me- I found myself nodding all the way through in agreement with how true it really is.  So if you're planning a wedding, don't forget to plan for your marriage.  Click play to watch the video:

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