Inspire Boston 2010

posted on: April 24, 2010

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In February I had the pleasure of teaching and mentoring as part of the Inspire Boston Workshop & Retreat for Photographers. What I loved about this particular workshop was that most of it took place in Concord's Historic Colonial Inn, which provided a cozy atmosphere and gathering place for all of the photographers involved. Of course, it was also great that we had nearby access to all of the photography amenities at Lens Pro To Go.

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The classes were intimate, rich with content, and there was plenty of time for mingling and mentoring in-between sessions- which I find to be a critical piece in a retreat-style workshop. My presentation was a reverse thinking way of approaching pricing, which was designed to really make people define what they want out of being self-employed. I always feel like I need a couple days to really get detailed on any one subject, especially when I'm speaking to a large group of people who have different needs and are at different places in their business. Which is exactly why I loved being a mentor as part of the retreat. Even though it was only supposed to be 30-45 minutes with each person, I often ended up mentoring for more like 90 minutes just because I really wanted to help each person and not just skim the surface. I just love helping people, and I feel like we can accomplish so much more when it's one on one.

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Special thanks to The Graziers who really put the bulk of the effort into making Inspire Boston happen. I know it's been a dream of theirs for quite some time. Richard Esposito put together this series of clips from the workshop, so you can get a small sense of what it was like:

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