GREEN IDEA: Suit Recycling

posted on: September 15, 2008

Alex (the hubby) and I have been fans of the excellent service of Men's Wearhouse ever since we used them to supply the vests and ties for our wedding (our groomsmen used tuxes they already owned from being musicians... but that's a different kind of suit recycling!)
wedding party in all black different dresses
(Yep, that's us!! I can't believe it's going to be 5 years this October!)

So, I was naturally interested in a post I saw on Vintage Indie Blog that said Men's Wearhouse is doing a National Suit Drive for the months of September and October! Here's why it's more awesome than taking your suit to Salvation Army...

"A Second Chance
For many unemployed men, a new suit is the first step toward a second chance. During the National Suit Drive, every one of our over 550 stores will be collecting gently used professional attire to benefit at-risk men and youth transitioning into the workforce. All clothing we receive will be distributed throughout the community by local nonprofit organizations.

How It Works
Simply visit your nearest Men's Wearhouse store during the months of September and October and donate professional clothing, such as suits, sport coats, slacks, ties, and belts. All donations are tax deductible, and participants will receive a coupon for 10% off* their next Men's Wearhouse purchase as a special thank you. Plus, we'll contribute a new dress shirt for every suit we receive." - National Suit Drive website

I know Alex has a few suit pieces that he's outgrown since college, and he'll definitely be able to use the discount toward something like a new belt or dress shirt. Who knows... an old suit just might end up being super stylish threads for a retro-indie guy like Joce (who snagged his amazing tweed suit from a resale shop!)
groom's vintage tweed suit

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  1. jamie8:48 AM

    that is a super-snazzy tweed! And congrats on the 5 years! Yay Ruthmanns!!

  2. My hubby donates his outgrown suits to my little brother who has no money or taste... ;-)

    Congrats on 5 years!!! Smashing wedding photo!

  3. Yeah!! 5 years is coming up!!! What are you two doing to celebrate?

  4. Hi Anne!!
    It was sooo fun chatting with you last week!!
    It's such a small blogging world...I just saw your cute little photo on my pal, Amanda's blog.
    Come on up and eat Cabot cheese anytime!!
    xox daria

  5. p.s. happy anniversary!!

  6. Happy Anniversary!!!!

  7. Holy crap, are you both really that much taller than the average bear?

  8. I love you guys!!!

    Sally - I have some ideas, but I'm keeping it a surprise for Alex! We trade off planning our anniversary surprise each year. ;-)

    Molly - I know - we look like giants, don't we?? I think a lot of our friends are just short! HA!! Well.. that's only half true.. I was probably 5'11" with heels in that photo and Alex is is about 6'? I never felt like I was that much taller.. but most of the picture I have with friends are of me slouching!

  9. Anne--great to see you this past weekend. Great post for a good cause. And I love your wedding photo--what a stunning bride you were!

  10. Hi Anne,

    I have been hosting clothing swaps with friends and family for a number of years now. Everyone brings clothes, shoes, accessories, whatever they want to get rid of and folks get to bring home a new wardrobe for FREE! It's quite a bit of fun because folks try on things they might never buy, and you can feel good about recycling and saving $$$. All leftovers go to a charity:)

  11. Anonymous11:21 PM

    Who is the tweed suit maker. I love it and would like to find one of my own. Thanks.

  12. Timothy Jones10:28 AM

    I too am in the market for a tweed suit. Can you tell us who made the suit? I hope they are still in business.


  13. Wow - not sure on the maker!!


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