My Dog Misses Me

posted on: March 14, 2008

Don't leave me again...
Those are the puppy eyes my dog gives me every time I put my suitcase on the bed and get ready for another trip away from home. You can almost hear her saying "Why are you leaving again? Can't I come with you?" *sigh*

Today I'm packing for two weeks and four cities of traveling. Tonight I'll be landing in Las Vegas for the Wedding & Portrait Photographers International Convention. While I'm there, I'll be shooting an engagement session for one of my brides, co-hosting the Giveaway Gala, mentoring my Thirst Relief Auction winner, and shooting with Leavin' Las Vegas in addition to learning as much as I can from the other photographers that are presenting and attending. ;-)

My next flight will take me to Detroit, MI where I'll be shooting a wedding and spending Easter with my family. Then to Indianapolis for OSP Indy Workshop, where I get to learn from more amazing photographers (I think I'm going to need a new learning journal soon!) Last but not least, I cap off the month with a weekend in Chicago for a wedding and boudoir. So, if you're wondering why I'm not blogging, or why I'm only blogging certain things, I hope that helps explain it all! Oh yes, and I just added a twitter box to my blog page so you can super-stalk me. I'll try to keep it updated as often as possible so you can see what I'm up to!


Alex will barely be able to celebrate his own birthday this year because he'll also be involved in a workshop and meeting with a bunch of different people this weekend! Normally he finds a way to treat himself to a very expensive cheese gift that he wants to try from Zingermann's... hence the cheesy cheese photo. ;-) I love you honey!! I'll miss you!!

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  1. Kim Kelley7:37 AM

    Anne I'll be praying you have safe travels. Your doggy looks so sweet, poor thing. Better watch that suitcase, you just may get a surprise some day. LOL Have fun with your family and have a blessed Easter. See you soon!

  2. Anne, oh I wish you would have brought your little pup to Flourish! She certainly would have been our most *fabulous* attendee! She is adorable!

    Thanks for the utube (is that what it is called?) video. I think I might take my sushi eating skills on the road -- seriously my skills are mad awesome. ;)

    Have safe travels!!

  3. Lisa F10:23 PM

    Gratulers med 30 ars dagese (a little norwegian Happy Birthday) ...drop the jarlsberg..go for havarti...OR gjetost!
    from a fellow Norge!

  4. I've thought of your dog and always forget to ask where she stays when you are traveling. Well, you both are traveling. Do you have people that watch her? My little dog misses me a lot too...I'm always so sad to leave for that reason!

  5. Misty stays with our friends when we're away. We have wonderful friends who love to have Misty visiting. ;-)

  6. Um....have you received your super woman award yet, because you totally deserve it!!!

  7. I'll see ya in Indy Anne! :)

    I can't believe you're doing 4 cities in a week and a half.. You are craaaazay.

  8. I love your little dog! What a beautiful little face - awwww!!


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