Solved the Peg & Hole Game!

posted on: January 27, 2008

Sunday mornings are a breakfast tradition for me. No matter where I am or what I'm doing, I must have breakfast on Sunday... even if I can't get it until the afternoon. Well, a few Sundays ago my husband and I went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast, and while we were waiting for the food to arrive, I solved the little wooden peg game they keep on the table! I was so proud of myself that I had to do it a second time and take a picture of each step with my iphone to show you how I did it! I guess this means that I'm officially a genius- at least that's what the little piece of wood says... HA!! But now that I've shared the secret with you, you can be a genius too!! We can all be geniuses! (Yes, I'm such a dork.) :-)

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  1. Jamie Weiss8:27 AM

    Way to go! I always knew you were genius!

  2. jamie8:38 AM

    smarty pants!

  3. I did this a couple weeks ago too (at Cracker Barrel, of course)!!! I was so proud of myself :) It's such a major accomplishment to beat that little wooden peg game!

  4. You rock, Anne! This is 100% absolutely something Nick and I would do. :)

  5. I play with my son every long car ride stop at Cracker Barrel. We never win. I'm impressed! It certainly is something to do while waiting for the food to come and look at the "antiques"! Congratulations! And you even remembered how to do it the second time. I may have to study your plan, tho that might take all the fun out of it! :-)

  6. Anonymous10:37 PM

    Sweetie--When you were 8 and we were sitting with your 4-year-old brother in a truck stop diner somewhere in Oklahoma (that move to Arizona), this old geezer sat down next to my baby girl. You, being you, struck up a conversation. He said he could teach you; you asked him to; and he taught you how to win every time...was he at the Cracker Barrel again? Good for you for recovering that child mind.


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