Brag Books are FUN!!

posted on: January 16, 2008

Inside a 5x5 Softcover Brag Book

These Brag Books are the funnest, cutest, things you can keep your memories in!! These little 5x5" books come in paperback and hardcover (not pictured) and can totally slip in your purse and ride with you wherever you go! They're like mini-albums! What I like about these over individual proof prints or slip-in albums is that it's all neatly organized and bound together so there's no worry of them getting out of order, getting lost, or of someone "accidentally" taking a little sumpin' sumpin' for their own collection! Yes, those photo-stealers out there know who they are (m-o-m)! They also make great mini-books for parents who aren't looking for an archival album, but just want something fun to share with their friends. There are lots of different cover options and colors, and the books can hold LOTS of images without a lot of price! To order one from your online gallery, just select your favorite images by clicking the star next to each one, or click on the folders next to the images if you want to create a set that's different from your favorites. Email me with the folder you've created and I'll help you complete the process!

5x5 Soft Cover Brag Book fits in most purses

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  1. It is funny you call them BraggBooks.
    I made a photobook for myself for the year 2007 that holds my favorite events of last year. It turned out so well, that I call it my "bragg book". Just, it is much larger. But, yes, it is actually a good idea to promote your own work via smaller, easy-to-slip-into-purse, bragg books.

  2. Nicole Neff10:57 AM

    Love the book! So many companies are doing photo books, but I've never seen the paperback like you showed. Next question: Where'd you get that purse? Too cute!

  3. What a cute idea! Love them

  4. Hey, that's me in your photo book! I was like, what a cute book, oh wait, that is MY dog, oh wait that is ME! Thanks for making me feel special! Btw did you get your package? Hope you had a great holiday! - Dena

  5. hey Anne- how did you get your Esty favorites on your blogger...?

  6. Hey Anne! we follow your blog but never make comments... sorry :P

    just wanted to say hi and we love following what you're up to! love the brag books too, they are *super* faves among our clients, we hope they are for yours too!


  7. very cute book and you are really kickin it in your photography! keep it up!
    Cyndi Smith


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