LOVE IT: Zach Braff

posted on: May 29, 2007

I have to make a HUGE disclaimer: I'm NOT the kind of person to go crazy over celebrities, they're just as human as everyone else. However, after randomly finding his YouTube video in a search, I'm officially adding Zach Braff to my love it list. Not only is he crrrrrrrrrrazy talented and intelligent, but he's just so REAL. Scrubs is one of my few guilty pleasures and Garden State was a simply phenomenal and visually inspirational movie... and that soundtrack?! LOVE IT!! I haven't seen any other works by Zach yet... but just knowing what a cool guy he is makes me want to watch them. Check out his YouTube response to one of his superfans! Click play to watch...

For a good laugh, here's a superfan's music video about Zach..

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  1. omg! That was the most ridonkulous thing i've ever seen!!

    Zach Braff is kinda crushworthy though ;-)

    love ya!!

  2. very funny! i think i have a crush on the guy who has the crush on ZB--in a non-gay way, of course.

  3. i love zack. he's been my favorite actor since scrubs came out. all of his movies are aaaamazing! :)

    haha! white balance on blue!

  4. OMG - Dana, you crack me up!!!!

    Nicole - We'll have to see his next one together!! And to think we're always trying to white balance for pure pasty pale faces! ;)

  5. Anonymous2:56 PM

    yeah i like him too, he seems like a lot more down to earth than other celebrities. he did a movie last year called the last kiss, and also one coming out soon called the ex (if you didnt know that already)...just thought i would share!


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