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posted on: February 28, 2007

I have to give my hubby props for finding this uber cool tool and emailing it to me! is a free online program that utilizes the power of Google maps to allow you to create your own multi-point map online! This solves one of the biggest issues I've had with a lot of the online map makers for a long time: that I wasn't able to easily create mutli-destination maps and have them all saved onto one map. was one of the first tools that I had seen accomplish this effectively, but it was targeted specfically to weddings with icons like a cake, church, etc. is a multi-point map for any purpose!!


The coolest thing about is that you are able to SAVE your maps, SHARE your maps, EXPLORE other people's maps, and ADD to maps other than your own!! For example, check out this Indy Indie Map created by user afischer. I love the Indie scene for everything from fashion & crafts to film & music, and I have to admit that I've been hard pressed to even find the Indie scene in Indianapolis!! Now I have this uber cool tool to help me find those places that are off the beaten path - and if I find any cool places, I can add them too!

You could use this to organize a scavenger hunt, share your favorite restaurants around town, plan a road trip, or share your favorite picture taking spots!! The possibilities are endless! What are you waiting for? Go check it out! And if you're ever find yourself in Terre Haute, IN, check out my "Best of Terre Haute for College Students" Wayfaring Map!

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  1. Glad you liked it... one of the back burner projects is to make a Chicago version (my current locale).

  2. Anne, if you like Wedding Mapper,you should also check out CommunityWalk ( Started by the same guy who founded Wedding Mapper, CommunityWalk let's users create multi-point maps that aren't theme-specific. You can upload photos and videos, draw routes on the map, etc. I made a couple maps from various vacations I've been on. It's pretty cool!

  3. Cool!! Now I don't know which one I like more!! It looks like wayfaring has more user generated maps at this point than communitywalk does. But they are both great tools and it seems like you'd be hard pressed to go wrong with either one!


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