Happy Valentine's Day!!

posted on: February 14, 2007

You can download both of these pictures for free to use as your desktop background or for a special Valentine's Day Card!! Click on each image to start downloading!!

As I was reading through the Film Noir Boudoir ™ giveaway entries, I cried, I laughed, and I cried some more... and now I'm out of tissues!! Thank you so much for sharing your stories- you are all so blessed to be with someone who truly loves you and would do anything for you!! I noticed that many stories had quite a few things in common that seemed to be universal among what many women, and one man!, considered to be the most romantic thing their partner has done for them. Your romantic stories weren't about lavish gifts, huge public displays of affection, or any of those things that we normally associate with above and beyond romance. For many people, it came down to the little things like making sacrifices and sticking with each other through extraordinarily hard times, making an extra effort to spend time together when distance kept you apart, doing something unexpected that relieved burdens or stress, or by simply being thoughtful each and every day in the smallest ways. The strongest message that came across to me after reading all of the stories was that it was never about gifts, but it was all about the thoughtfulness and actions that demonstrated how much your partner cares for and loves you. Since you didn't make choosing a winner very easy, I'll be bringing in some extra help on making a decision and the winner will be announced tomorrow afternoon!! In the meantime, have a wonderful Valentine's Day and spend time remembering all of the little things that you love about each other every day of the year!

Here's a little playlist I made to help you set a relaxing and romantic atmosphere on Valentine's Day...

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  1. "The Luckiest" was my wedding song! Good choice of songs... I think we would be music friends you and I. :)


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