Google Battle!!!

posted on: February 3, 2007

Eric Hegwer showed me this awesome SEO popularity tool and I'm having WAAAAYYYYYYY too much fun with it!!! Visit to check your Google popularity!!


Of course, these results mean nothing if you don't understand where they come from and what exactly they represent. Google Battle is just measuring the number of search results that come up with the specified key word. So.... to be fair, I would lose to everyone above if we separated our names because I'm one of the only "Ruthmann" names on the web.. but there are many more Jessicas and Kevins and Davids and Bobbis... and by simply writing all of their names here, I just increased each of their search results, so... this is just a fun tool to play with, but shouldn't be used as a serious measure of an individual person's popularity.

It can however, be a fun way to solve small matters and make everyday decisions like whether to stay in or go out, eat Italian or Mexican, go to the game or head to a concert, and of course... to determine who's right. ;)


If you understand SEO, this can be a great tool to help you define those keywords which will attract the most relevant search results to your website!

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  1. Too funny! Thanks for the tips though. You already got me thinking about meta tags and such! Great post.

  2. Too funny! Just imagine the possibilities...

  3. Cool, thanks for the tip.

  4. Looks like I barely beat you:

    ANNE RUTHMANN VS. mark stagi
    ANNE RUTHMANN 18,100 (view)
    mark stagi 20,600 (view)
    Total Pages Searched: 38,700
    GoogleBattle winner is mark stagi

    -- Mark


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