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posted on: February 15, 2007

Before I announce the winner, let me say that everyone who entered the Valentine's Day Giveaway will receive $100 off a Film Noir Boudoir™ session- good until next Valentine's Day!!! There were so many touching and romantic stories which made this incredibly difficult to choose, especially since romance can take on so many different forms!!! But there could only be one winnner, and here is her story......

Hi Anne,

I had a hard time choosing a romantic story for the valentine's competition because there have been so many wonderful things that my fiancee, Andrew, has done for me. So many times he has made me dinner by candlelight and given me flowers. He has suprised me, driving six hours in the middle of a a blizzard just because he knew I was really missing him. He really is a wonderful person and I am so lucky to have him. But there is one story that really takes the cake.

Two years ago we went on spring break together to Mexico and had a wonderful time. We tried to make plans for last year but it never happened because I really couldn't afford to go anywhere. So he ended up going on spring break with his friends and I stayed home moping. I was so excited when that week was over.

Now, before I tell you the next part I have to explain a little more about Andrew. His family goes on alot of vacations and when they do, they all get something they like to call a "trip gift." Anytime they go somewhere they get some sort of little present so he has started buying presents for me when he goes away.

So I was expecting something silly like a t-shirt or a hat. But what I got was so much more. It was a picture frame, but to my suprise it was already filled with pictures. It had four slots for pictures and three of them were filled with pictures of us from the year before in Mexico. The fourth was filled with a letter. The letter said:

Please let me fill this slot in the frame with a picture from next year's spring break. I 'll go wherever you want and wished I would have never left you this spring break. I love you and want to spend the rest of my life with you.

Then before I could speak he told me the reason he filled the frame with pictures from the year before was because he wanted to remember his spring breaks as being spent with me instead of without me and he was just going to pretend we had spent that last one together. Then before I could respond he suprised me with the biggest suprise of all......he had booked a trip for two to Paris the following spring to make sure that it didn't happen again!

Anne, I really want to win this for him because I cannot think of anything more romantic than Paris in the springtime and a person who truly loves you.

Thank you,

Congratulations Erin (& Andrew)!!! We'll be in touch to schedule your free Film Noir Boudoir™ session at the romantic and historic Yellow Rose Inn in Indianapolis, IN!!

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