Engagement: Kathleen & Rich

posted on: January 14, 2007

Kathleen & Rich are so much fun!! I'm posting a lot of the funny images, but there were a lot of tender moments as well. I think it's a great sign when a couple has no problem being silly with each other - and it's even better when they can let go and relax like that in front of the camera!

We did half of our shoot at Meadow Brook Hall and the other half a the Oakland University parking garage (by the way, I love shooting in parking garages). It was such a c-c-c-cold day that Kathleen & Rich never really got to take their coats off! To top it off, the wind was blowing like crazy, which of course made it colder! As we were walking, I noticed how raindrops from the morning storm had perfectly beaded up on some of the leaves on the ground, so I asked Kathleen for her ring and basically laid on the wet ground to get this awesome ring shot. I love it!

I've been working on being able to give better "direction" when it comes to guiding people from behind the camera. The only problem is that I don't want to give too much direction because then it's too much of my personality and not enough of theirs. Well, for some reason I asked Kat & Rich to "frolic" and this was the first thing that came to mind... too funny! (Note to self - stupid word choice!)

I like lines and different angles, can you tell?

They both do a pretty mean Blue Steel impression...

Kathleen designed these awesome save-the-date magnets which she included in her holiday cards!! For printing, she used VistaPrint. They always have a sale of some kind going on, so you can usually score things for a pretty good price. Not to mention they have a pretty quick turnaround. Check out her crazy cool graphic design!!

Both of them can roll their tongues - now that's REAL talent! If they're THIS much fun during the engagement shoot, I can only imagine how much fun they'll be on the wedding day!! I can't wait!

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  1. anne, do you care if I ask what len(es) you used to take these. Especially that ring shot! Love it! Great job. It's been slow through Jan. I'm ready to get shooting again. Thanks for the inspiration, again.

  2. HI Casey, thanks for stopping by!! For this session, I believe I used primarily a 24-70mm f/2.8 on a 5D body.

  3. what a cute, fun couple! you capture expression better than anyone, hands down. i love the photo near the large window, the lighting is just perfect. bravisima!

  4. Yea, new stuff! I love them! The colors and expressions are awesome. Of course, I love the ring shot. Fabo work as ususal!

  5. Amei as fotografias. Não sei do que se trata, pois não sei ler em inglês.

    Grande abraço!

  6. Wow!!! Thanks so much for the lovecat messages!!!

    Jillian - you just made me blush!!

    Jen - aren't those raindrops killer?

    Thales - Perdoar meu português pobre! Você é muito gracious. Eu aprecio seus comentários e am honrados que você visitou meu Web site!

    Joshua - you inspire me all of the time!


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