..... MOVING ...... and gonna miss the "D"

posted on: August 4, 2006

As of Monday morning, Alex and I will officially be living in Terre Haute, Indiana. After living in metro Detroit for five years, I have to admit there are a lot of things I'm going to miss....

- Our beautiful home
- Attending The People shows
- Giving tours at Meadow Brook Hall
- Walking the gardens and museums of Cranbrook
- All of the cool things to see and photograph on Belle Isle
- Going out in Greektown
- The sweet Framboise at Rochester Mills
- The amazing fresh bread at Kruse & Muer
- The "Double Sizzing" at Gourmet Garden
- Layered french toast at Toast
- Snackers and Orange Cream Coolers from Olga's Kitchen
- Attending operas at the Michigan Opera Theatre
- Concerts of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra
- Folk music at The Ark and Meadow Brook Music Festival
- Watching the antique cars invade town during the Woodward Dream Cruise
- Riding on the People Mover and urban exploring in downtown Detroit
- The amazing hummus, fresh bread, and kafta at La Shish
- The free chocolate chip cookes on Sundays at The Moose Preserve
- Exhibits at the Detroit Institute of Arts
- my favorite dogs in the whole world, Bailey & Misty

and most of all....

... my amazing friends and supportive family.... especially my mom.

OK... I've procrastinated long enough. Now I MUST pack up my office and get ready for my out of town wedding tomorrow followed by a long day of driving on Sunday. Please note I probably won't be able to respond to emails until Tuesday. Have a great weekend!!!!!

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  1. It's Monday - how's Indiana??
    I hope the move went well!

  2. and so began the waterworks all over again!

    hope you got there safe and sound, all intact, and the crew showed up. I REALLY hope your TH crew showed up.

    and now, you have to change your profile...to what? from the high life in Terre Haute? higher ground?


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