Hitting Close to Home

posted on: August 2, 2006

Sally and Rodney celebrated their beautiful wedding last November and while all of their guests traveled some distance for their wedding, there were a few special guests who came all the way from Lebanon. I remember just how giddy Sally was to see her aunts on the day of her wedding, she loved them so much that she screamed in excitement when they came up to her after the wedding!

Her aunts were so much fun! I think I could even go so far as to say they were the life of the party at many points during the evening. ;-) And let me tell you... these women could get down on the dance floor!!

It tears me apart to think that these women who were so happy to be here and celebrate with their niece are now hiding for shelter and have had to abandon their homes and hope that there will be something left for them to return to. With the casualties increasing and the bombing becoming more widespread, it's hard not to imagine that the worst is yet to come.

Sally has given me permission to share her story with you, and if nothing else, I ask that you keep their family in your thoughts and prayers. There are real people being hurt, and they aren't all overseas. In Sally's own words....

""First of all, thank you to everyone who has been so kind and asking us about my family in Lebanon. This whole situation is tragic and all your prayers are very appreciated. The last update I received was this morning, as some of the cell phone lines have been repaired. My father's family is all accounted for and safe. My family that is in Canada and the US have all arrived back safely, the last family member arrived in Montreal just yesterday.

The majority that remain are hiding in some "safe spots" within Beirut and some northern parts of Lebanon that have not yet been hit. Their homes, villages and cities, and well-being are another story. Many more of their friends and extended families have been affected, and they are in our prayers. The recent tumult in the once-thriving democracy of Lebanon make me wonder what of the country will be left for them and whether this type of thing will occur again in the future."

Sally & Rodney are amazing people with wonderful families. As newlyweds, they are trying to launch their careers, move into a new home, and build a foundation for their life together. I know I would have a very tough time keeping myself together in a time like this. I am so blessed to know them and have them in my life and I can only hope that our combined thoughts and prayers will help keep their family safe.

If you are interested in making a donation to aid in relief efforts, please visit the Arab Community Center for Economic & Social Services Website or the National Arab American Medical Association Website for more information.

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  1. Graet shots here, I am sure your clients will be very pleased.

  2. what a touching story...violence and war on the other side of the world just doesn't really register with many people until you have a name, face, and story to associate with it. it's heartbreaking to know the fear and danger this family is living with. thanks for posting this, it gives me a better perspective on the situation.

  3. Jillian, thank you so much for taking the time to read their story. Awareness and knowledge are powerful tools in helping to change our world.

  4. Anne,

    I have clients from just this past May who have family back in Lebanon, and family from Canada who had been there visiting.

    So far, all are safe and accounted for, but it's still a very scary situation for them, and their family. Thanks for sharing Sally's story.



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