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posted on: August 9, 2006

Yesterday was crazy... my phone died because I was out of battery and I couldn't find my charger because I had accidentally left it at the Holiday Inn when we were in a rush to take care of a bunch of things before unloading the truck on Monday. We called Holiday Inn and they still had the charger... good. So, we went to pick up the charger and stop at Sam's Club to get a membership and pick up a few things (for the record, I prefer Costco but they don't have one here). Little did I know Alex was toting around some materials in his car which gave off the worst possible odor... I won't say exactly what it was, but imagine something that smells really horrible, and then imagine it's been sitting in a hot car baking all day long and you have to ride in the car with it for the next 30 minutes. Rolling the windows down and turning on the air conditioning did little to reduce the stank. Luckily, Alex resolved to throw out the materials regardless of how attached he was to them, but that wouldn't happen until we got back to the apartment. If you'd like to empathize, plug your nose until you're done reading this post!!

We made our stops at Sam's, the Holiday Inn, and Fazoli's for dinner and then we head back to our apartment only to find that neither of us grabbed the apartment keys because we thought the other person had them... so we're locked out. We call the apartment complex (on Alex's phone) and the guy who can let us back in says it'll be about 30 minutes. I had an appointment at Coffee Break (across the street) in 5 minutes, so we asked him to call us when he would be on his way.

So, we head over to Coffee Break to meet a lady who wanted to talk to me about photographing a children's expo (I think that's what it was going to be about) and a bunch of bible study people show up, but no one that seems to be looking for a photographer. I can't call the expo lady because her phone number is trapped on my cell phone which is still dead because I haven't been able to get into the house to plug it in to a charger. I wait 30 minutes, finish off my grande mocha, and the lady never shows up. The apartment guy still hasn't called and more bible study people are crowding the coffee shop, so we decide to head back to the apartment to unload the stuff from our car onto our industrial dolly and hope that we can at least get inside the building if another resident will let us in. We're let into the building by a neighbor and we wait in the hallway near our front door with our dolly full of groceries and no keys. We look pretty pathetic. Only our second day here and already locked out. Can you see the "L" painted on my forehead right now??

Finally the apartment guy calls to say he's at the building but he can't get in because the key doesn't work on the front door. DOH! So I go downstairs to let him into the building and he comes up to let us into our apartment. Finally, my world is right-side-up again. What an evening! ... but wait, it's not over... It wouldn't be complete without one last kicker.... so, I plug in my phone and get a call from a local number... I'm thinking it's the lady who never showed up, right?? Nope. It's Sam's Club calling to say that they forgot to give my driver's license back after I filled out the membership materials. Can you believe that??

As you can see, it's been an adventurous trip so far.. and at this point it's just becoming downright funny. We still have a lot of boxes to unpack, but our bedroom and kitchen are mostly finished, and I was finally able to get my computer, printers, and hard drives put together. At least now my cell phone is charged, Alex's car should no longer smell, we'll be getting our 2nd and 3rd set of keys made (Alex thinks he left his keys in Michigan), and we'll be applying for our Indiana driver's licenses... why am I starting to get nervous about taking a written driver's test again?? Do I always end paragraphs with a question? LOL!!!! In the words of Charlie Brown, "Good Grief!"

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  1. Oh man, girl - I feel for you!!

  2. Jennie8:52 PM

    Geeze Lady! You can't catch a break can you. I must admit, I was both horrified and intrigued when reading about the smell in Alex's car. What was it?


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