posted on: June 27, 2005

I confess, I'm terribly impatient! I hated waiting for processing that got sent out, so I would often rely on one hour photo. Then I got impatient waiting for one hour photo, so I switched to digital so I could do my own developing. Then I got impatient waiting to give proofs to brides, so I switched to online proofing! And now that I can speed up the developing and proofing I'm just waiting on the brides & grooms to view their images... and I have no control over how long it takes them to get back from their honeymoon! And I would never wish to rush a honeymoon... so, I think I've finally hit a brick wall. :-)

I finished Jennie & Alan's wedding pictures a few days ago and now I'm just waiting for them to get back from their honeymoon! I think the pictures turned out great and I can't wait to see what they say! Since they are a very fun-loving couple, I decided to use the wide angle a lot more than normal to create a bit of a Disney effect and make things look almost cartoonish at times. I certainly wouldn't use this technique for everyone, but I think it worked well for this wedding. Here's one of the more fine art images from Jennie & Alan's wedding...

I also went to another wedding this Saturday for Jen & Kevin, who live in Washington but had their wedding close to their family in Michigan. They had their ceremony in a cute chapel and then the reception at the Bavarian Inn Lodge in Frankenmuth. I wasn't the photographer for their wedding, so I tried to remain pretty low-key but still managed to get a few pictures in. ;-) Congratulations to Jen & Kevin- I hope they have a great time on their honeymoon in Jamaica!!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting Alison & Dan for their engagement photos. Great couple! They requested a more "modern" look to their engagement photos, so I choose Cranbrook as an ideal backdrop with varying textures and landscaping features. Unfortunately the weather was VERY hot and humid, so much so that I couldn't wear my glasses without them fogging up and the couple needed to keep a towel near by to help with the sweat! In spite of the heat, I think we were able to get some great pictures. Dan liked the sculptures, so I tried to incorporate them in a few pictures, but mostly I just tried to keep us in the shade so we could stay cool. I did find myself hesitating to ask the couple to get close just because I knew how hot and sticky it was, but they were great about everything and I look forward to their wedding!! Alison loves red gerber daisies, which are amazingly difficult to find...

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