Amanda's Emergency Portfolio

posted on: June 11, 2005

I don't usually get calls for an "emergency" portfolio shoot, but in Amanda's case- she needed an updated comp card- and fast. She received short notice about a touring company auditioning in the area TOMORROW and needed to get some updated shots right away. We met this morning around 10 am and breezed through about four clothes changes and five different locations to create about 50 unique shots in just under 2 hours. Everything was shot in digital so that we could work on the comp card together after the shoot. We made a few edits and then finished the card in about 30 minutes and then sent it off to the printer before the lab closed. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone, but it was interesting trying to put everything together in such a short amount of time. The results were decent.. though not as good as if we had taken more time to prepare and get everything worked out ahead of time. In any case, she has a new comp card, and just in time for a last-minute audition.

Here's a sample of what the comp card looks like. (Obviously her last name and contact info have been changed.)

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