Krystal & Adam's Wedding

posted on: May 16, 2005

Yesterday Krystal & Adam were married after nearly 7 years of dating ;-). As Krystal's step-sister, I ended up helping out with all of the last minute details. While I did take my camera with me, my primary function was to coordinate decorating the reception hall and making sure everything ran smoothly. We spent the whole night before the wedding finishing placecards, printing programs, wrapping lights in tulle, and packing everything into my car for the next morning. If you're reading this and in the middle of wedding planning... please don't let this happen to you! She was up very late the night before her wedding and she had an early hair appointment the next day. She didn't really get a chance to relax before her wedding, so everything leading up to the ceremony was complete chaos. I think she finally felt a sense of relaxation after the ceremony, which is when I snapped the picture below. By the time she got to the reception, she was just ready to party and she had an amazing evening celebrating with her new hubsand and their combined families. Congratulations Krystal & Adam- many MORE years of happiness to you!!

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  1. Too bad that Krystal didn't have you to take all the pictures! Your photos are beautiful.
    You will be asked to do our anniversay- or home coming party!
    Aunt Sheri
    Mary and Krystals Aunt!


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