Happy 11th Blogiversary!!!

posted on: February 8, 2016

Wow!  Eleven Years!!  On the SAME blog!!  I've never even lived in the same city for 11 years, and yet my blog has stayed in the same internet home on blogspot all along- big kudos to Google for keeping up a massive archive.  I started this blog on Chinese New Year in 2005, so it's only fitting that I celebrate this Chinese New Year.  (Never mind that I completely glossed over the 10 year anniversary!)

The people I've met and photographed over this last decade has been amazing.  It's mind-blowing how this work has expanded my world and brought wonderful people into my life.  Many of the older posts in my archives reveal how technology has changed over time- which slideshows disappeared from my blog when Apple closed down their dot mac server and which images remained because they were loaded directly into blogger or Flickr.  Reviewing archives also revealed how much my blogging changed once Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram came onto the market as a place to share personal stories or short posts, and how client image privacy changed dramatically over time.  More than anything, these blog archives remind me of the amazing people, moments, and places that I've had the good fortune to photograph.

I tried to pick one image and blog post for each year- but it wasn't easy, and they were all chosen for different reasons. This is just a tiny sample of what I've shared at the intersection of my business and personal life over these 11 years....

2015: Transitions Are Tricky

2014: My Evolution As A Professional Photographer

2013: Fransisco Family Adventure
Family Photos at the Library

2012: One Minute Vacation: Great Ocean Road

2011: Union Studio Yoga

2010: Honoring Our Veterans

2009: Weddings Sneak Peek

2008: Mary & Matt's Detroit Public Library Wedding

2007: I'm an Artistic Guild Winner Too!

2006: Sally & Rodney's Wedding

2005: Artwork of Franklin Jonas

Some people switch blogs over time or hide their blog archives or history, but nope, mine are right in my sidebar for all to browse.  There's some really revealing and slightly embarrassing stuff in those archives- wooooweee- but looking back also allows me to measure how far I've come.  If you're ever feeling like you're working really hard and not getting far- just look back at my early annual reports and I think you'll feel better!  Onward!

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