Mobile Monday - Week 1

posted on: March 8, 2009

Confession: I use my iphone camera more than any other camera I own. Why? Because it's always on me.

The blanket of snow outside my window creates such a soft diffused light- perfect for editing photos!

Welcome to my first Mobile Monday - where I'll be sharing small bits of my life that I document with my phone camera. The fact is that if I documented EVERY second of my life, most of it would be boring photos of me sitting behind the computer answering emails, editing photos, and trying to overcome technology. Why post mobile photos instead of professional ones? Because I don't need mobile photos to be perfect- there's simply beauty in their imperfection, and being a photographer is ultimately about the heart, eye, and mind, not the equipment that anyone can own or all the other stuff we have to deal with.

A riveting tax presentation by @cordele

However, I've been trying to make a conscious effort to spend this year having more face-to-face conversations with people, as well as getting out of my home office at least once a day above and beyond taking care of my dog. This is kind of a documentation of the ways that I'm challenging myself every day to get out, try new things, and find the beauty and joy in everyday life.

The real funky chicken??

This is why they call Lowell the Venice of America.

The idea was sparked by Evan Williams' Recent TED Talk Presentation and the name was inspired by Jackie Blair who tried something similar a while ago. Anything that requires dedication, but does not have financial motivation behind it is difficult to keep up for people who travel a lot while running their own business, but it never hurts to try.

What do people donate when they return their rental car?

Flying PHX to MHT.  Good bye sunny 70s.  Hello cloudy 40s.

The fact is, and I think anyone who twitters regularly can attest to this, sometimes the most "exciting" part of my day involves something related to food. After all, when I'm not working behind my computer, shooting, or in a meeting, I'm probably eating or sleeping... and I can't take photos while I'm sleeping.

@alexruthmann skillfully prepares a beef roulade

If having food involves getting outside of the house it's even more exciting...

Date night at Espresso Pizza in Lowell, MA =$10

...if it involves getting outside of the house and trying something I've never tried before... watch out world- the excitement gauge just might blow a gasket!!!

Tom Yum from Southeast Asian Restaurant in Lowell, MA.  I think the yum says it all.

Since I work from home, most of my life during the week revolves around a 5 mile radius, if not a 1 mile or less radius.

My space heater solution for my interns chilly corner by the window.

However, part of the challenge in being creative, and thinking creatively is to find the interestingness in the everyday.

Anyone missing shoes, hat, and travel mug?  I found them!

If we stop paying attention to the interestingness that surround us in our everyday lives, how ignorant will we be when we explore the rest of the world?

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes. - Marcel Proust

I love this moment when the sun kisses the horizon goodnight

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  1. Perhaps camera phones will become the new Hologas and Dianas .... loved for their imperfections...

  2. I don't even have a point and shoot....its my iphone! I haven't done a mobile monday in a long time, just slacked and then I didn't want people to confuse it with my actual work- I like how you put captions in your shots though. =)

  3. The iPhone camera is quite good, actually. I, too, love them for their imperfections (slight blurs, noise, grain, etc.). I love this post, BTW! Keep it up! (:

  4. I love stalking your blog! ;o) This post was especially fun. Tamera

  5. Ann I found your blog a few weeks ago and I love it, especially this post. Very cute

  6. I just love my cell phone's taken some snapshots that are more memorable to me than my good camera has taken just because it's always with me. these were so much fun to see/read!


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